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F ebruary is such a critical time because of what Black History Month means to our community. So many strong African-American individuals have blazed the trail for equality in human life, and each one deserves to be recognized for their dedication. While I know it’s common to focus on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during this time, and though I don’t want to be like everyone else, I can’t think of a more important person to highlight. In a way, I feel close to Dr. King. He was so young when he passed, very close to my age. He always preached peace and was such a civic-minded young man. The way he articulated his compassion for others was as if God had touched him. I can’t help but admire how Reverend King devoted his life to his people and consistently stayed dedicated to his cause. As our society progresses and technology makes superstars out of even the simplest of people, I can’t help but think about how Martin Luther King never let his celebrity derail his purpose. Sure, he received attention. But he used it to influence people to do what’s right, not for his own gain. Everything he did, he did for our people. Everyone in the deepest and darkest corners of the world recognizes the name of Dr. King, and that’s something to be revered.

Having a firm of African-American lawyers is possible because of those who ran the race before me. I look at the way Martin Luther King Jr. went about his work, and I seek to have the same effect he did. It’s true that no man is an island. People look up to us at all times, and that means we need to have the proper intent fueling our actions. Reverend King helped me understand the way I should live my life. I know that it’s difficult to have responsibility, but as African-Americans, everything we do affects our perception. I wouldn’t be living up to that responsibility if I didn’t try to have integrity every single day. “ “THE WAY HE ARTICULATED HIS COMPASSION FOR OTHERS WAS AS IF GOD HAD TOUCHED HIM.”

those around me. At times, I experience stress and adversity, but these are ultimately good things. They help keep you grounded and allow you to realize how much you need other people. During this Black History Month, I hope everyone takes the time to recognize peace. Success isn’t rooted in dollar signs or the profound gestures that gain celebrity status. It’s about finding peace in who you are.

How I define success is directly tied to the values that Dr. King instilled in me. I understand that success is not a destination; it’s a journey. The more material items I have, the more the goal posts move, so I try not to place value in anything other than my treatment of

–Teri Fields

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