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MAY 2019

THE LAST HE S Mother’s Day

In the past month, many of my internal emails have been emphasizing the importance of triple checking every last aspect of an order. After all, despite our growth, we are still a small business. Dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s at the outset is key to keeping us nimble in today’s marketplace. I’ve seen the benefit of this approach for my own daughter’s organization and motivation, and the same can be true of a company. Of course, this isn’t the only lesson my wife has taught me. One of the biggest inspirations I draw from her is her near-limitless patience. For as long as I’ve known her, Margaret has been incredibly levelheaded, even in the most challenging circumstances. She always chooses the right words and doesn’t allow anything to get under her skin. Her temperament is something I aspire to, both as a business owner and a father. I’m far from mastering this skill, but I try to learn from Margaret’s example every day. Needless to say, it’s hard to overstate the contributions mothers make in our lives. It really is too bad we limit ourselves to a single day of recognition for everything these incredible women do. For my part, approaching this “last Mother’s Day,” I want to say thank you, Margaret. You’re an incredible mom, wife, and friend. Jessica and I will always be grateful for everything you are and all you’ve helped us to be.

If you’re a longtime reader of this newsletter, I don’t have to tell you we’re an emotional family. My wife, our daughter, Jessica, and I tend to place a lot of weight on milestones, and I suspect this Mother’s Day will be no exception. This will be Jessica’s last time celebrating the holiday at home with us, and honestly, there probably won’t be a dry eye in the house. Like most other holidays in the past year, Jessica’s imminent departure for college has put a little more weight on Mother’s Day, and deservedly so. My wife, Margaret, has been the epitome of an attentive parent these past 19 years. Without her diligence, discipline, and care, I doubt I could have raised such an amazing daughter. I’ll be the first to admit that Margaret has done far more than her fair share of parenting. To support us during Jessica’s formative years, I worked two jobs, heading out before she went to school and getting home after her bedtime. Margaret took it upon herself to stay home and provide our daughter with the one-on-one support she needed. There are many things I admire about my wife, but these years dedicated to motherhood are near the top of that list. Margaret did more than just stay home. Her conservative, detail- oriented parenting style helped our daughter mature at an early age. To this day, when Jessica asks me if she can go to the movies with friends or take a road trip, my answer is always: “Okay, but you better know all the details.” We both know Margaret will want a complete rundown of who’s going to be with her, when they’ll be returning, and which phone numbers she’ll need in an emergency. Believe it or not, this detail-driven approach has rubbed off on our operations here at Pye-Barker.

Happy Mother’s Day,

-Eric Lunsford


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