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Our Partnership

Thanks to your support, together we are inspiring youth to learn about causes they care about and empowering them to take action. Through your generous commitment, we are empowering young change-makers with the tools and resources to make the world a brighter place.

We are pleased to share with you the incredible impact of our WE Schools programming across Canada. Without your support, none of this would be possible. Thank you.

Creating Lasting Change ~ 2

WE exists to make doing good, doable and we’re grateful for your decision to be a part of the WE movement. From our humble beginnings as a group of twelve 12-year-olds wanting nothing more than to make a difference in the world, we’re truly grateful for and inspired by each of our supporters who share that passion. Today, we proudly support millions of people, including youth, families, individuals, corporations and other groups on their unique journeys to make a lasting impact through service—we’re thrilled to work with you on yours. Your generosity towards supporting global compassion has empowered positive change that will continue to transform lives for years to come. With your support, we are inspiring the next generation of youth across Canada to use their Dear Greg and Tracy,

passions to take action and bring about positive change around the world. Through service-based learning campaigns, students discover the issues they care about, gaining a global perspective and work to take meaningful action to make a difference. For that, we can’t thank you enough, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading about the impact your contribution is making. Together we can do more than we could ever do alone. With your help, we are changing the world. Thank you,

Craig Kielburger Co-Founder, WE

Marc Kielburger Co-Founder, WE

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WE Schools

WE Schools is a year-long educational program that empowers young people to be leaders of social change, challenging them to act with intention and compassion and lead with the conviction that together we can transform communities locally and globally.

WE Schools is implemented in classrooms and after-school clubs. It is a movement of youth and educators who believe that some of the most powerful learning experiences happen when you make a meaningful difference in your communities and for the world.

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In Canada

Thanks to your support, WE Schools empowers youth to become global ambassadors who create positive change and achieve lasting impacts. Together, we are supporting diverse youth populations in becoming leaders, change-makers and problem solvers. In the 2017-2018 school year, there were 7,000 WE Schools groups engaging more than 1.9 million students across Canada.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, WE Schools groups in Canada supported over 3,000 local organizations and over 700 global organizations, creating a total social impact value of over $128 million in support of local and global issues. These impacts were created from fundraising initiatives, youth volunteerism and local food collection.

During the 2017-2018 school year, of the participating WE Schools educators in Canada:

88% agreed that their students demonstrate more responsibility towards local and global issues in their everyday life choices.

84% agreed that their students are more capable of developing a plan of action to address social justice issues.

87% agreed that their students were now more capable of effectively voicing their own opinions.

83% agreed that WE Schools has helped create a welcoming and respectful environment in their school.

86% agreed that their students ask more critical questions to reflect on and understand issues and concepts.

75% agreed that WE Schools has encouraged previously disengaged youth to become more involved.

Creating Lasting Change ~ 5

WE Schools

Thereare975WESchoolsgroups inAlberta, impacting approximately 300,000 students. In the 2017-2018 school year, WE Schools in Alberta created a total social impact value of over $23.5 million in support of local and global issues.

This impact was generated from three major streams: money raised from fundraising initiatives, the value of youth volunteerism and the value of local food collection.

Creating Lasting Change ~ 6

In Alberta Through cause-inclusive experiential service learning campaigns, WE Schools teaches students about local and global issues in a relatable and engaging manner. These project-based, applicable learning experiences foster a sense of community and responsibility to take action—not just at home, but globally. As part of our cause-inclusive programs, young people are challenged to research and make an impact on an issue that sparks their passion. With free range to take action on the causes that they care about, WE Schools participants in Alberta during the 2017-2018 academic year supported a multitude of organizations including: Make aWish Foundation, UNICEF and the World Wildlife Federation.

The three most frequent global issues tackled by WE Schools groups in Alberta were child labour, access to clean water and medical relief. The top three actions taken to support global causes were book drives, clothing drives and volunteer awareness raising campaigns. On average, WE Schools groups in Alberta supported 2.4 global causes each.

WE Schools groups in Alberta supported more than 85 global organizations.

More than $500,000 was raised by WE youth in Alberta for global causes.

Over 850,000 hours were volunteered by WE youth in Alberta.

Creating Lasting Change ~ 7

Stories of Compassion

Students from Johnny Bright School’s WE leadership group band together in pursuit of a better future for Canada and the world.

They started small. Care packages filled with socks and deodorant for people in need. Poster campaigns to raise awareness about bullying in school. Morning announcements to spread positivity. Bins to collect donations for a local food bank. Then, one teacher, Robyn Drews, suggested they commit to something big—really big—and help build a school in Nicaragua. “To be honest, it’s a little hard for them to connect with global issues,” she explains. “We [teachers have] tried all kinds of different things to help our students understand the importance of their work in Nicaragua and here too.”

However, by utilizing WE Schools resources and campaigns, developing a connection to their global community has become easier. WE Schools presents global issues, not just as external issues, but as solvable problems that the students can make a meaningful impact on. Through these engaging lessons and campaigns, students over the years have consistently worked to support international projects. When students graduated, new ones entered the school halls— many joining the WE leadership group. All the while, teacher Robyn Drews has remained a constant, helping students at Edmonton’s Johnny Bright School raise over $65,000 for education in South America.

Creating Lasting Change ~ 8

WE Bake for Change WE Bake for Change is a WE Schools campaign that provides students with information and resources on global issues such as food insecurity, and empowers them to host a bake sale to make a difference. Around the world, approximately 800 million people lack access to adequate nutrition. WE Bake for Change is a simple way to give people in some of the poorest parts of the world the ingredients they need to create a better life. Through the campaign, participants are connected with global issues, and learn how they can take action on some of the world’s most difficult problems. In the 2017-2018 school year, over 60,000 youth in Canada participated in WE Bake for Change, raising over $230,000 for WE Villages.

”I am so proud of all the hard work my students put in to make this bake sale happen. They helped in all steps of the planning and executing of this event and I saw that they felt really proud of their accomplishments. They are learning that they can do simple things to make a big difference. They are also feeling really good about doing something to help others.” Educator, Calgary Waldorf School, Canada

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Together We Can Change the World

WE Global Learning Centre 339 Queen Street East Toronto, ON M5A 1S9

For more information please contact: Andrew Chan E: T: 1.778.875.8410

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