New Products • Issue 10 2021

New Products Issue 10 • 2021

Welcome We’re excited to present our latest New Products brochure, full of innovative, newly developed lines, manufactured by Britain’s leading brands. Additionally, we have included some existing UK favourites that are new to our product portfolio! British new product development is industry-leading, and we carefully select the fantastic lines featured within this brochure by taking insights from current UK trends. From Cadbury Caramilk to Meridian Toffee Apple Almond Butter, we hope you enjoy shopping the range!

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SYMBOL KEY: Organic Dairy Free

Gluten Free Vegetarian

Vegan Chilled Frozen


Three finalists and their limited edition chocolate bar inventions go head-to-head to find the UK favourite, which will become part of Dairy Milk's permanent range.

Cadbury is Britain’s number 1 brand and saw an extra £140.1m in sales last year; the greatest absolute gain in The Grocer’s ‘Britain’s Biggest Brands’ report. Dairy Milk contributed most with 50.4 million more bars sold.*

Maltesers Buttons Orange Chocolate Bag 32g 36 Per Case 1019691

Mondelez has launched Cadbury Caramilk in the UK, after the flavour proved to be hugely

popular in Australia!

Maltesers Buttons Orange Chocolate Bag 102g 9 Per Case 1019690

Cadbury Caramilk Golden Caramel Chocolate Bar 37g 36 Per Case 1019624

Over 4 million households have purchased Maltesers Buttons in the last year and the UK has seen 20.5% growth in orange chocolate over the last two years.**

*The Grocer, April 2021 ** Neilsen Scatrack, Total Market May 2020

CAROBOO VEGAN, DAIRY & GLUTEN FREE BARS Caroboo have created a range of gluten, dairy free and vegan bars that taste ridiculously chocolatey but are not chocolate at all. They’re full of carob, creamed coconut and all of the good stuff nature has to offer! Caroboo use either organic or sustainably sourced ingredients and all of their bars come in brilliantly designed, home compostable packaging.

Caroboo Carob Bars Smooth & Creamy

Coconut 35g 20 Per Case ACAR-SCC

Caroboo Carob Bars Smooth & Creamy

Orange 35g 20 Per Case ACAR-SCO

Caroboo Carob Bars Smooth & Creamy Mint 35g

20 Per Case ACAR-SCM


Spreads were one of the biggest winners of 2020, with sales up £120.8m (21.7%) last year.*

Meridian Banofee Pie Almond Butter 170g 6 Per Case AMER-BPAB

Meridian Toffee Apple Almond Butter 170g 6 Per Case AMER-TAAB

*The Grocer, January 2021

Island Bakery organic oatcakes are the perfect platform on which to balance a chunk of cheese, a portion of pâté, or a sliver of smoked salmon. The whole oats, oatmeal and extra virgin olive oil make for a versatile and nourishing oatcake, slowly baked with care in Island Bakery’s unique wood fired ovens.

Island Bakery Organics Original Oatcakes 135g 12 Per Case AIB-OAC

Island Bakery Organics Black Pepper Oatcakes 135g 12 Per Case AIB-BPO

Island Bakery Organics Three Seed Oatcakes 135g 12 Per Case AIB-TSO

Choc-o-lot is an indulgent but healthy chocolate drink made of cocoa mixed with

Packed with potassium and high in vitamin C.

pressed coconut.

Vita Coco Choc-o-lot Chocolate & Coconut Drink 330ml 12 Per Case AVITA-CHOC2

Vita Coco Choc-o-lot Chocolate & Coconut Drink 1L 12 Per Case AVITA-CHOC1

Taylors of Harrogate Especially for Latte Coffee Beans 227g 6 Per Case 1038374

Taka Organic Hibiscus Cinnamon Turmeric Tea 15 bags 4 Per Case ATAKA-HIB

Taka Organic Rooibos Honeybush Turmeric Tea 15 bags 4 Per Case ATAKA-ROOI

Taka Organic Masala Chai Turmeric Tea 15 bags 4 Per Case ATAKA-CHA

Taka Organic Ginger Lemon Turmeric Tea 15 bags 4 Per Case ATAKA-GING

Award-winning, gluten free, thin crust, pizza base mix.

Isabels Naturally Free From Thin Crust Pizza Base Mix 150g 8 Per Case AISA-PIZ

To create this recipe, Isabel’s partnered with chef Gip Dammone of Salvo’s Pizzeria in Leeds, England - one of the UK’s top 5 pizzerias.

Eaten Alive ferment and mature each batch of sauce for up to six months to ensure the amazing flavours that have won the range so many awards.

Postbiotics found in foods that have been through the fermentation process are one of the five trends currently shaping concious shoppers’ decisions.*

Eaten Alive Raw Kimchi Hot Sauce 150ml

Eaten Alive Jalapeno & Lime Hot Sauce 150ml 12 Per Case AEAT-JAL

12 Per Case AEAT-KIM

Did you know, over the past year, the total butters, spreads and margarines category has grown £228.9m to £1.7bn in the UK? Traditional block butter has added 23.4% to the category over this fast-growing period.** 100% British butter, made with Müller Milk.

Müller Wiseman Dairies Unsalted

Müller Wiseman Dairies Salted

Butter 250g 20 Per Case 3450313

Butter 250g 20 Per Case 3450327

*The Grocer, June 2021; **Kantar 52 w/e 21 March 2021

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Please be advised that all lines are subject to availability and minimum order quantities for our ranges apply.

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