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hile measuring success in business, by definition, involves competitors

utors like Carter Froelich, CPA, who pro- vides valuable information about “under- standing the numbers” and applying them, which is so basic to succeeding in any business. He and Ingo Winzer, president of Local Market Monitor, have been regulars in


and competition, a camaraderie and sharing of resources can and should co-exist if the industry niche itself is to develop and prosper. That’s what Think Realty is all about, as




Affinity Enterprise Group President Eddie Wil- son described in a recent post on our website, www., in which he called for more true thought leaders in the real estate investing industry. This magazine, as part of Think Realty and AEG, our parent company, always has espoused that prin- ciple. Our mission since the very beginning has been to advocate high standards, ethical business practices and collaboration so the industry can develop and mature into a respected niche. To that end, we offer a forum for both investors and vendors who are pas- sionate about and committed to those ideals. Abhi Golhar is one, and Eddie highlighted him in particular in his website post. “Ahbi is a true thought leader,” Eddie wrote. “He gives information based on his investing success without a monetization hook. … His information is invaluable to an investor. And he has never clouded his message by trying to push an agenda.” Abhi is one of this magazine’s regular contributors for those reasons. He also regularly writes blogs for our website and speaks at our educational events. And he is not the only one. We have longtime contrib-

this magazine from its very earliest days. Other ongoing contributors I want to spotlight and thank include Kevin Guz, John and Corinne Tesh and Kelly and Chris Edwards. Kevin addresses a part of our audience—the beginning, part-time or “weekend inves- tors”—whose success is critical to helping the industry grow and thrive. John and Corinne are husband-and- wife investors who are unselfish in sharing “how-to” details of their projects. And brothers Kelly and Chris Edwards, too, have written about their rehabbing efforts and as their business has grown and branched into oth- er areas, they have expanded their message. And then there are more-recent regulars, like Lawrence Fassler, Engelo Rumora, Dawn Erling and Mitch Stephen, who give insights into varied areas and investing strategies beyond the mainstream. As the magazine has evolved, the list has grown, so there are many, many more names than we have room to list here. We appreciate them all and welcome any others who also want to share their expertise—not sell it—so that more individuals can participate and succeed in real estate investing. •

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Rick Abell, Teresa Bitler, Lee Blackburn, Scott Carson, Clint Coons, Eric Dean, Carole J. Ellis, Dawn Erling, Lawrence Fassler, Slim Feriani, Carter Froelich, Judy Goldberg, Abhi Golhar, Bill Green, Kevin Guz, Will Hardy, Tim Herriage, Steven Hickox, Will Holly, Michael Jordan, Carly Lambert, Leon McKenzie, Steve Olson, RJ Palano, Chris Porter, Tracey J. Rewey, Marco Santarelli, Robert Springer, Susan Thomas Springer, Mitch Stephen, John and Corinne Tesh, Brandon Thompson, and Ingo Winzer FOR ARTICLE REPRINTS :: Contact Jeremy Ellis at Reprint Pros, 949-702-5390. SUBSCRIPTIONS :: The annual subscription for Think Realty Magazine is $28.95 for six issues in the U.S. Order online at www. or call 816-398-4130. Provide your full name, address and telephone number. DISCLAIMER :: Think Realty Magazine , its owners, contractors, distributors and their respective representatives do not provide tax, accounting, investment or legal advice and make no guarantee as to the effectiveness or success of any investment or tax strategies discussed herein. Please consult your own independent adviser as to any questions you have or decision you are contemplating. ABOUT THIS MAGAZINE :: ThinkRealtyMagazine isapublicationof AffinityRealEstateMediaLLC.Reproductionoruseofanyeditorial orgraphic,withoutpermission, isprohibited.Wearenotresponsible for thecontentofanypaidadvertisements.Forreprintrights; toob- tainadetailedstatementofourprivacypolicy;and forallsingle-copy requests,addresschangesandothersubscription inquiries: COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Greg Dohler



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