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products for CC installation including ground pegs and sealant. Does Concrete Canvas ® Ltd have international distributors for CC? Yes. See the Contact Us page on our website for details about who to contact to find your nearest distributor. Are samples of CC available? Yes. Concrete Canvas ® Ltd supplies small and large sample packs which contain hardened swatches and unset A4 samples of each of the three material thicknesses. Due to the volume of requests for sample packs, a postage fee will apply. What is the price of CC? The price of CC is volume dependant and the price/m 2 drops when ordering large volumes. Contact your local Concrete Canvas ® Ltd rep for a quote specific to your requirements and delivery location.

Availability Are there different colours of CC available? CC is stocked and supplied in its natural colour (mottled grey) as standard. There are a number of options for colouring CC including dying the surface fabric fibres or applying coloured surface treatments, such as painting the fibre surface of CC with a good quality exterior masonry paint. Are there different widths of CC available? CC is supplied in standard widths of 1.0m for CC5 TM and 1.1m for CC8 TM and CC13 TM . Wide Rolls up to 4m (CC5 TM ) and 4.4m (CC8 TM ) can be manufactured to order. It is possible to produce narrower rolls but this would be subject to a minimum order quantity. Can I order different lengths of material other than the standard bulk or batched lengths? Yes, bespoke lengths can be supplied subject to a batching surcharge. Where can I buy ancillary CC installation products? Concrete Canvas ® Ltd can supply a full range of ancillary Yes. CC has been approved for use by the Environment Agency (EA) SEPA and Natural Resources Wales on several projects since 2009 and case studies are on our website.Project approval is granted on a case-by-case basis. How does CC washout affect the alkalinity of running water courses during installation? CC has a low wash out rate and limited alkaline reserve. Unlike most concretes it is not classed as an irritant. How can I cut CC? Prior to hydrating, unset CC can be cut using basic hand tools. It is recommended to use snap off disposable blades or handheld self sharpening powered disc cutters. After CC has set, it can be cut using angle grinders, jigsaws with ceramic blades or good quality tile cutters. What Health and Safety precautions should I take when handling CC? General PPEprecautionsshouldbe taken;facemasks, protective clothing and gloves should be worn when handling CC. CC does not contain measurable amounts of soluble chromium (VI) and is not classified as an irritant. Consult the CC & CCH (M)SDS document for more information. How does CC compare environmentally with conventional poured concrete ditch lining? CC typically replaces 100-150mm of poured, sprayed or precast concrete, resulting in typical material savings of 95%. This directly results in a reduction on the carbon footprint of construction works. A recent Life Cycle Assessment found that CC8 contains 45% of the embodied carbon compared to a 150mm ST4 poured concrete channel, before the carbon savings are also considered Has CC been granted EA (Environment Agency) approval for projects within the UK before?


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