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Aug 2017

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A First Time for Everything


A s a full-service Medicare insurance agent, I talk with clients about many significant life events. Turning 65, hitting retirement, and transitioning to the next stage of life are all major changes that tend to lead to reflection. While I’m not quite at the Medicare stage of life yet myself, I did experience a momentous occasion a few days ago when our son got married. He is the first of our children to marry, and we couldn’t be prouder! Parents have front-row seats when their kids get married, but I was closer than most. As a pastor, I’ve officiated dozens of weddings, but this time was a little different. Even though I know my way through a wedding ceremony, it’s a whole different story when you’re marrying your son and his fiancée. I have to admit that I was a little nervous, but along with that, so excited! Being asked to officiate was a great honor, and I think I did an okay job — we did get to the “Ian, you may kiss your bride” moment! Haley and Ian had been dating for about five years before their big day. They’re both humble, quiet 20-somethings, the furthest thing from ostentatious, so there was never going to be a huge party announcing their impending wedding. I don’t even remember Ian letting us know he was engaged. My wife and I did start to suspect that perhaps an engagement was in the works when Ian

showed his mother the ring! When it finally came out, we were all thrilled.

Ian works in the Information Technology Department at Clinicas del Camino Real, and Haley teaches biology and chemistry at Santa Susanna High School in Simi Valley. For their honeymoon, they are camping up the California coast and Oregon. I think that tells you something about their interests and personality. Having just turned 58, I’m a little late to the party when it comes to your kids tying the knot. My wife and I took an active role in the planning, and it was both stressful and exciting. We are grateful to her parents and our church family for helping make sure Haley and Ian had a ceremony worthy of their relationship. You’d have to ask them, but I’d say it came out pretty good. I may be biased, but I think this is the best wedding I’ve ever officiated! Before signing off, I just want to say congratulations to Haley and Ian. May your lives together be fulfilling and exciting, full of love, and infused with God’s grace. You don’t always know when a huge life event will come your way — unless of course, you’re turning 65 — but you can cherish those moments when they arrive.

– Lyn Thomas


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