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While each situation is unique, by calling CareGuide before you incur costs, as well as after you are hit with a bill, they are best able to lower your costs by attacking the high prices at the source. CareGuide’s world class cost containment team uses proprietary processes and tools to guide insureds through the healthcare maze. including the following: Services Offered: • Hospital Bill Eraser: CareGuide uses their innovative technology to reduce or possibly even eliminate large hospital bills via statute-required financial assistance programs and billing error/ fraud analysis.

• Pricing Portal: Knowing specific care costs before you step in the door with CareGuide’s billion-plus claim database, so you are not the next victim of the broken medical process. • DME Price Reductions: Assistance with applying for patient financial assistance programs, which could reduce or eliminate the cost. • Money Map: Using proprietary, data driven mapping tools, CareGuide can find and confirm low-cost providers by zip code for routine care before you are hit with an inflated price. • Lower or Eliminate Rx Costs: CareGuide assists members with obtaining prescription coupons and getting their medications at low prices.

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