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The back is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. You rely on it so heavily —whether it is to shoulder your emotional stresses or to physically lift something that you need to carry with you. Your back is constantly at risk. It is at risk when you drive, being one of the body parts likely to take the biggest impact in case of an accident. It is at risk when you are safely at home on your couch or at the office, where you are likely scrunched over and not caring one bit about your posture. It is at risk when you run, when you play sports, and even when you find yourself sick and are coughing so heavily that your back begins to hurt. It is no wonder that so many people experience back injuries every year. What is a big wonder is that so many people choose to ignore their back injuries year after year! When you break an arm or get a cut on your leg, you are likely to do something about it right away. The sight of blood leaving your body or the realization that a bone isn’t sitting right is something that not many people are going to deal with for too long before seeking medical attention. Yet when pain begins in the back, it is almost normal to ignore it. Everyone develops back pain, time to time, right? There is no reason to stress about it or overreact, right? Absolutely wrong! Understanding Back Pain Back pain may be common, but it is absolutely not normal. There are actually a lot of serious conditions that can cause your back to begin to

hurt, and it is smart to have your back looked at by a physician early on so that you know exactly what is going onwith your body fromthe get-go. Once the cause of your back pain is determined, your physiotherapist will be able to identify the best treatment options for your body’s needs. This will likely include the following: • Targeted exercises that are specialized to the region of the back that is experiencing themost pain. These exercises are designed to help build strength and support the surrounding muscles. • Guided stretching designed to improve range of motion and flexibility. This will take into account the health and vivacity of vertebrae and any potential stretches that may support optimal back health. • Support and guidance with an exercise routine and habit formation, especially with cardiovascular activity that can stimulate improved blood circulation to the affected areas of the back, as well as strength- building activities. Attempting to undertake any of these changes on your own after you’ve experienced a back injury is both dangerous and not recommended. Working with a licensed and experienced physiotherapist can provide you with the guidance and ongoing support that you need to ensure that you do not experience any further injury as you attempt to heal the cause of your back pain.

Getting to the Bottom of Back Pain There are a lot of different reasons as to why youmay be experiencing back pain, and ignoring any of them is not a good idea. Some of the most common issues that cause back pain to linger include: • Muscle sprain or strain • Slipped vertebrae or disc • Tear or hyperextension to the supporting muscles or tendons • Arthritis These concerns can develop as a result of a myriad of environmental issues, such as having poor posture, prolonged sedentary activity, car crash, sporting accident, stress, heavy lifting, and so on. When It Comes to Back Pain, Don’t Wait! When you experience an injury to your back, or realize that you are experiencing regular pain as a result of an ongoing injury or overuse, it is important to find out the cause of your back pain as quickly as possible. Back pain can quickly become chronic, as a potentially small issue can become complicated when it is not addressed early on. Working with a physiotherapist can help you to identify the difference between environmental causes and something more medically based. Call us today (Bedford: 902-405-3535, Timberlea: 902-444-3535, Dartmouth: 902-405-4545) or visit our website at to schedule an appointment.

PA I N R E L I E F I S H E R E : C A L L T O S C H E D U L E Y O U R A P P O I N T M E N T T O D A Y !


1. Keep a Good Posture. When standing, imagine a string through the top of your head lifting you straight up. This puts your neck, shoulders, spine and hips in natural alignment. While sitting, make sure you sit back in the chair with your feet on the floor and your lower back supported. Your shoulders should not slouch when sitting. Avoid soft couches when you can. 2. Lift Properly. Picking things up is a normal part of our day. Even if you pick up something light, your back muscles have to lift the weight of your upper torso and control that movement. Make sure you always face what you need to pick up, squat keeping your spine straight and push with your leg muscles. This helps reduce the excessive pressure on your spine. 3. Stay Flexible. Flexibility is key to maintaining a healthy back. By keeping your body flexible, the normal forces of movement and lifting can be distributed across the spine, rather than focused onto a few segments, which can then fail. An easy stretching routine every day can keep you feeling great and put a spring in your step.

4. Stay Strong. You have hundreds of muscles, which control the movement of your spine. Major muscles that support the spine include your abdominal, pelvis, spinal and hip muscles. By keeping your core muscles strong, you support your spine and have the ability to easily control lifting, quick movements, bending and a lot more. 5. Physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists are medical experts in evaluating spine and body movement. By having a regular check-up, you can make sure your body is in good condition to tackle the activities you love. If you have a history of back pain, injury or are currently experiencing aches and pains, we can analyze your problem and construct a treatment program that will work best for your individual problem. With soothing hands-on therapy and targeted easy exercises, we can help you return quickly to feeling your best.

We can help you get out of pain and back to living the life you deserve. Call one of our clinics today or visit our website at

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S U C C E S S S T O RY I’ve gone to Nova Physiotherapy several times for a few different injuries. I can’t say enough good about the care I’ve received, from booking appointments through Amanda to my sessions. Alex is very knowledgable, explains things in a way that is easy to understand, and makes you feel very comfortable during sessions. My daughter needed physio and when I brought her to Alex, he was incredible with her. He directed questions at her instead of me, which made her feel very comfortable. Thanks for all the great care!” – M. S. 5-Star Google Review

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Lower Trunk Rotation

Lie down on your back, bend your knees and drop them to either side and hold for ten seconds. This stretch should be felt in the lower back and sometimes in the outer hips as well.


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Massage Therapy is an effective way to treat many physical ailments, including back pain, whiplash, and sciatica. Nova Physiotherapy has been providing Massage Therapy in the Halifax area to clients since 2004. Our three clinics can serve you – in Bedford, Dartmouth, and Timberlea. Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to achieve a desired therapeutic response. It enhances the function of joints and muscles, improves blood and lymph circulation, and helps relieve stress and pain. WHAT DOES MASSAGE THERAPY TREAT?

Always consult your physiotherapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of.


Originally from Cape Breton, NS, Jillian graduated from The Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy in 2011, where she specialised and received certification in Neurological Treatments. After graduation, she has spent more time at the college as an teaching assistant and clinic supervisor for 2 years. Jillian has experience treating a variety of

• whiplash • headaches, migraine • arthritis • low back pain • sciatica • repetitive strain injuries

• muscle spasm • temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) • fibromyalgia • frozen shoulder

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM MASSAGE THERAPY SESS I ONS Initial treatment is typically one hour and involves a detailed physical assessment, intake of medical history, and a hands-on treatment to determine your tissue health. Later visits can be 30 or 40 minutes, or perhaps as long as 90 minutes, depending on what treatment is agreed upon by you and your therapist. The appropriate removal of clothing will be discussed by your therapist. During the course of the treatment, you will be covered by a sheet. The only uncovered area will be where the therapist is treating you at any given moment.

musculoskeletal conditions including sports related injuries, MVA, work related injuries, and headaches. In 2017, Jillian became certified as a yoga instructor and is teaching yoga out of our Timberlea clinic. Other certificates Jillian has received as her time as a massage therapist include:

• Guasha Level 1 • Acupressure & Meridan Massage • Indian Head Massage • Upper Limb & Cervical Spine Integration • TMJ Mastery

• Yoga Teacher Certification200hr • Yogassage • Aromatherapy • Neurological Inhibition of the pelvis • Chinese Medicine Cupping

Call us today to find out more about how Massage Therapy can help you or visit our website at

In her down time, Jill enjoys walking, journaling, yoga and spending time with her dogs.

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