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An Education in Back Pain Making a Difference Through Workshops

It has been a great year! So much has gone well, and I feel our clinic is headed in the right direction. The workshops have been fantastic, and I’m excited to continue offering them in the new year. Plus, there are many other initiatives we have in store for 2018 that I can’t wait to share with you! Speaking of the new year, have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions? More people are scheduling an annual check-up with a physical therapist, just as you have annual check-ups with your dentist and your general practitioner. Many people find this extremely beneficial. The biomechanical elements of your body — muscles, skeleton, tendons, joints — need maintenance just like the rest of you. Annual checkups make a lot of sense. Medicare covers PT services up to a certain amount. For 2017, the cap was $1,980. Many people don’t realize they have this benefit. For seniors with Medicare, this can be exceptionally helpful. A physical therapist can determine your risk of falling and assess your balance as well as finding the source of any pain or muscle imbalance that you may have. Postural imbalances often lead to pain and dysfunction. For many people, PT has become a source of empowerment. Whether you’re a retired senior or fresh out of college, PT offers independence. For instance, if you’re experiencing back pain or struggling with mobility, and your doctor doesn’t have the answers, PT may hold the key. Doctors can run tests, interpret the results, and give you their diagnosis. However, diagnosing a biomechanical issue can be challenging, especially when the pain is hard to define. We’ve seen a lot of people who went through a battery of tests in search of an answer only to come up empty- handed. Physical therapists are the biomechanical experts. One of my goals in PT is to help our patients find new or renewed independence. I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again: PT is more accessible than ever. Right now, one of the greatest benefits you have is living in a state that allows direct access. There are still a lot of people who don’t know about this, and spreading the word is important. That’s

a big part of what makes PT a source of empowerment. You can come straight to us when you are injured or dealing with unexplained back pain. Of course, there’s more to empowerment than direct access. It’s also who you have direct access to. Not only do today’s physical therapists go through more training to become a licensed therapist, but because there has been a surge of people receiving physical therapy, newer therapists are gaining valuable experience at a quicker rate.

In many respects, that’s what I mean when I say our clinic is headed in the right direction. You have access to an amazing team of people! They can assess your flexibility, posture, strength, gait, and balance. Poor flexibility or poor posture, for example, can lead to weakness and pain. We’re here to identify these issues so they can be corrected. If you’re living with pain, or you know someone living with pain, gait, or balance issues, give our office a call. Also, check out our free monthly educational workshops. We want you to start 2018 off right. We’re here to help you tackle your resolutions and help you get back to your favorite activities!

–Ann Steinfeld PT, OCS


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