Regenerative tourism #noussommesvivants

Tourism is a major economic player The tourism sector currently represents 10% of global GDP and one in eleven jobs This economic weight is a significant part of the GDP of certain countries and allows the creation of jobs in the tourism sector. Tourism represents 220 million direct jobs worldwide and in France, generates nearly 900,000 direct salaried jobs. However, the financial windfall does not always benefit the entire population and many tourism jobs are too unskilled, underpaid or precarious, particularly in connection with the seasonality of the activity. The development of infrastructure and proposed tourist activities is still often done to the detriment of nature preservation even if the cultural and natural heritage unique to each country is highlighted. The environments richest in biodiversity are also the most attractive for tourism and the most sensitive to its impacts: they pay a heavy price for human activities, of which tourism is a part. These difficulties are accentuated by the seasonality of tourist activity over time and its concentration in space. For example, in the Mediterranean, 90% of biodiversity is located in the first 200 meters of the coastal fringe. There is notable interest in regenerative tourism practices that contribute positively to the preservation of biodiversity, and ensure that tourism development does not compromise environmental integrity, but rather supports and strengthens it alongside social prosperity.

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