Regenerative tourism #noussommesvivants

Regenerative tourism beyond sustainability ● Evolution of sustainable tourism (reducing / compensating impacts) ○ Restores natural resources for all living beings (including humans) ○ Gives all living beings (including humans) the resources needed to reach their full potential in their environment ● Community-driven : all inhabitants (including tourists) in mutually beneficial activities Working in a manner that grows capacity for flourishing and resilience among people, businesses, communities, and ecologies. Final goal: improve local well-being #onehealth ● Empowers tourists with shared values to contribute to commun goals (collaborative approach, action driven). How can tourist be an enabler or catalyst of the larger shift that is needed ? While still enjoying their experience ? How to shift from values to actions ? ● Delivers socio ecological services locally : Carbon, biodiversity, education… Place based : local coalition focused on one location. Think about the place as a living ecosystem with unique potential. ● Nature inspired : symbiotic relationships, living ecosystems, humans as part of nature Such an approach does not reject the pursuit of profits in larger spectrum : prosperity.

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