Regenerative tourism #noussommesvivants

Playa viva a regenerative travel experience of caring It aims to restore land, agricultural yield, traditional activities, in the spirit of perpetuating the traditions of the village and crossing this with an openness to the

world, via visitors. The visitor fully integrates into village life, he is in contact with the inhabitants and immersed in their reality, without miserabilism and without judgment. The key is to do a step towards the other, but without judging, while moving forward yourself, to reach the best version of yourself. Visitors, if they wish, can soak up this healthy dynamic, and many leave with a deep respect and the feeling of having had an experience beyond the conventional amenities of a resort. By transmitting these values to the public, Playa Viva has allowed community members to rightly feel that they have a say in the future development of their community.

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