Regenerative tourism #noussommesvivants

The purpose of our workshops

● The Human Factor Fresk (3h) - to encourage new behaviors by exploring 10 factors of behavior change, from cognitive biases to motivations within your company, your local community or a project team. Based on GIECO cognitive sciences expertise. ● The Emotions Fresk (3h) - to cultivate emotional intelligence, set teams in motion based on emotions motivating them to act collectively. Based on Aaron Beck cognitive therapy. ● The Imaginaries Fresk (3h) - to project your territory, your company, your brand and your products into a responsible and desirable future, through 4 relationships with nature from IPBES. ● The Regenerative Enterprise Business Model Canvas (4h) and it’s 5 workshops (5 days) - to design regenerative products, services and projects that will transform organizations within their ecosystem by providing socio-ecosystem services such as: soil, biodiversity, quality of life, fair remuneration, etc.


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