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I had no time for teaching Sunday School! “ There just wasn’t enough time for both family and Sunday School teaching—or so I thought— until I was introduced to Scripture Press Sunday School lessons and helps. How wrong I ’d been! Right there in the teacher’s quarterly Were all the time-savers . . . no need for endless hours of search­ ing for background materials . . . plenty of helps to build up my confidence so that I could be sure of putting my lesson across. Such an up-to-date approach to teaching made all my excuses seem pretty flimsy. Oh, my class of girls are as wiggly as they come, but with all the helpful hints on how to spark interesting discussions . . . back­ ground material galore . . . the clever handwork . . . and all the other teaching tips, it’s really fun.”

Are you holding back because you think you ’ re too busy to teach? Do you want to get away-from those frantic hours of “ do-it-yourself” lesson research—the feeling that you’re “ on your own” to dig up interesting lesson facts and approaches? Then investigate Scripture Press All-Bible Graded Sunday School Lessons. You’ll be amazed at the help you’ll receive in the easy-to-understand ma­ terial for each lesson . . . suggestions for tied-in activities . . . visual aids . . . the thorough ex­ planation of each Bible passage . . . even sug­ gested vocabulary. Your pupils will be brought face to face with God’s living message for today, calling for personal decisions—to accept Christ and to grow more and more as Christians. Get started today on a really satisfying adventure in Christian service. Mail the coupon for free samples.

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