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and she had felt homesick too. The vacation was a great opportunity for me to reconnect with my kids and for the two of them to spend time together.

Last summer we went to Thailand, and it was very different from anywhere we’d been before. There were many cultural sites to visit, including a surprising number of temples. Touring the temples was complemented by hiking through Thailand’s countryside where we saw gorgeous views. Some of them took us to waterfalls so spectacular you’d have to see them to believe they’re real. On vacation, I’d be happy to sit at the resort and relax the whole time, but my daughter is the opposite. She’s not content to sit still. She wants to see everything . Thanks to her adventurous spirit, our trip was the best of both worlds. We spent some time at the resort, relaxing at the pool and enjoying the solitude, but we also went out and experienced the culture. We got to know the people there and ate amazing food full of flavors we’d never tasted before. Now that the kids are a little older, these trips are a special bonding experience. Unlike when they’d follow wherever we went when they were little, my kids don’t have to go on these trips with me any longer. But they still want to, and they enjoy them too. I’m glad they feel that way, because there’s no two people I’d rather take on a vacation. We’re still planning our trip for this summer, and we’re not sure where we’ll go just yet, but I know I’ll love spending time with them. In the meantime, my focus is on my clients. Celebrating the Fourth of July this month was a reminder of the freedoms we have and the freedoms we protect for our clients in our practice of law. There’s a parallel between the work we do to alleviate our clients’ legal burden and the freedom we celebrate on Independence Day. The type of freedom that we provide isn’t only a legal freedom; it’s the freedom from the restriction of their rights. We’re always striving to give our clients that freedom.

Each summer, I make it a point to plan a trip with my kids so we can spend uninterrupted quality time together. Every year, we go somewhere different — we’ve been to Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, and Thailand — and each time we travel to a place we’ve never been, we have great times that turn into meaningful memories. Since my daughter started college, it’s become a time I value more than ever.

After my daughter finished her first year of college, we all visited the Dominican Republic together. Her brother and I had missed her a lot while she was gone,

I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July, and have a wonderful rest of your month.

“The type of freedom that we provide isn’t only a legal freedom; it’s the freedom from the restriction of their rights.”

Amiel Wade

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