YouFirst February Newsletter

Safety First in everything we do

Get Well Soon! Lyndell Cuthbert Sending all of our support and prayers to those who need it most. In rememberence of Leyanda DaSilva, associates can wear pink under their uniforms as well as pink ribbons. Knife Safety Only use knives you know how to use on tasks you have been trained to do. Ensure all associates that are using knives have been trained. Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp knives. Knives & sharp objects should always be washed by the user with medium- weight cut resistant glove. Never place a knife into a sink or leave out unattended. Knives should all be facing the same way in a knife rack or on a magnetic strip. Never use a knife for a task that it is not intended for: opening pickle buckets, boxes, cutting open bags, seperating frozen hamberrger patties. When carrying a knife, use verbal cues like SHARP to warn others. Nevet try to catch a falling knife. Remeber, cut resistant does not mean cut proof.

Company News and Events Anniversaries

February 3: Iesha Blake- 1 year February 4: Jessica Martain- 2 years February 10: Dominique Perkins February 11: Shyanne Myers- 2 years February 14: Latita Spruill- 2 years February 21: Rose Ramsey- 3 years February 26: Howard Arendt- 2 years February 1: Najee Reyolds - 5 years


February 3- Denesha Hill Gary Rose February 5- Samantha Vargo February 6- Jasmine Burkett February 11- Rose Ramsey February 12- Luke Violette Tomika McKoy February 13- Hope Kennedy Latita Spruill February 14- Erika Hylton February 1- Hector Santiago James Jones

Social Stars

James Ford

youfirst Newsletter / February 2019 The Social Star campaign will highlight different associates each month on social media and throughout the Café. Associates that show outstanding guest service and commitment to the team will be featured. James always works with a smile on his face. He goes above and beyond to make sure the students walk away with exactly what they want! He is dedicated to creating an enjoyable enviornment for both the students and fellow workers. Thank yoou for all you do James! Mafalda Acquarulo Mafalda has been spreading her positivity at Quinnipiac Dining for twenty- four years. She loves the students and makes them feel as though they are part of her family. Thank you for all you do Mafalda!

February 17- David Conte February 18- Sammy Elzoul February 19- Aaron Dennis February 22- Robert Roman February 23- Deanna Sinclair -Wright Linda White February 25-Jesslyn Casasola February 28- James Lewis Paul Panaroni

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