Hola Sober OCTOBER

Heard on ZOOM

"Sobriety isn't hard, life is hard. That's what we need to truly understand. Not everything that comes in to our lives is difficult because we are sober!" "I spend so much of my life sitting in the stand watching the game and now I want to feel planted. "The word around me seems slower, seems less intense when not drinking. That is what makes me feel grounded in sobriety that I am not chasing wildly at life, for some reason life comes to me . " "It’s hard I know but your sobriety takes the top spot so go to work for a few hours and then treat yourself to a plan of self care for the evening. If you need to talk shout out. Whatever you do WINE IS NEVER going to make anything better but will most definitely make you feel like shit! We are here for you." "As a mum this is all I am looking to do is to give my children the best of me. I was running on the treadmill whilst listening to the meeting and it got me through the run, listening. "

"When I begin to understand how women have been quieted over the past century, it shocks me. In the 60's + 70's we were handed benzos and told this is how we were to cope with life. And now we are being sold to by the drinks industry telling us wine is our answer and yet again we are being quieted. I do not want to be quieted any more. I want to make as much noise as I can and own my sobriety. It's hard but as a woman I will not be told to lush my life away in a corner." "My holy trilogy has saved my ass more than once in sobriety (1) Self- love (2) Self-care (3) Liberation from having the last word. All three combined with something that my Dad used to say 'It must begin with me.' leads me to forgiveness time and time again. If I practise the first tenet of my trilogy I must love myself above all else and that allows me create strong and present boundaries. Air tight boundaries that do not allow toxic bullshit in. Part two as self-care allows me weed out the people and things that bring pain or sorrow and tenet three has been a game-changer. Sober me does not need to have the final word in all things!! Hallelujah. Liberation truly."

"I no longer want to sit in the stands of my life, watching it unfold, yet not truly being present and in the game. 100 days after putting down my glass and having shed more tears that at any other time in my life - I feel as though I am IN MY LIFE for the first time in years. I LOVE this feeling and do not want it to leave and so, I have to say not today lady, not today each morning. - Mary D. "And here I stand sober, healthy and content. That's the word. Content. Proud of myself and grateful for the past year of being me. If I can do this, anyone can."

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