Hola Sober OCTOBER

Why India?

Holi The birthplace of yoga the ‘source’, as it’s often called among yoga communities. We’re talking about India, of course; and with such a rich yogic history, this inspiring — if sometimes confronting — country is an easy choice for an authentic yoga retreat. Yoga retreats in India come in all shapes and sizes and what people forget is that India is so much more than just yoga. A vast country of such intrigue that somewhere on that sober bucket list there is a 'Retreat in India' to be found and if that is the case, Soul Bliss Journeys is all about facilitating soulful retreats focused around growth, healing and transformation." Many of my sober friends see India as a place to visit feeling that it's spiritual, soulful vibe awash with magnificent colour and traditions were a must- see as a sober reward! Maree lives in Dharamsala the home of the Dalai Lama and 2022 will see the business pivot towards offerings out of India, where she lives with her Partner having a deep knowledge of the country, it's traditions and all the soulness on offer for those seeking nourishment for the soul. There is wonderful soulful teachers, the food is magnificent or you can opt for a ayurvedic diet whilst on retreat. The history of yoga is at every turn in this country whether you choose a mountain hideaway retreat or one in the heart of the city - history is in the DNA of the streets of India. One festival we talked about is Holi , which is known as the Festival of Colors and it is unlike anything you've ever seen. This Hindu festival takes place across India as revelers throw colored powder to celebrate the triumph over good and evil. Nowhere is Holi celebrated with more spirit than Mathura, the birthplace of the Hindu God, Lord Krishna. Sober Bliss Journeys website has a full and comprehensive listing of available retreats on offer for the coming months and having spent time in the company of this lady, I believe she will provide the most fabulous packages to meet the needs of all those seeking peace, harmony and contemplative.

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