Hola Sober OCTOBER


I had the pleasure a few weeks ago spending my zoom evening with the fabulous Aly. F. Canavan an engaging, intuitive, and transformational DreamBuilder coach. The Aly I remember was one of Ireland's top models who graced catwalks, billboards and magazines across the world. I once saw her (her face to be fair) on a billboard in New York and was thrilled to see an Irish girl doing so fabulously on a global stage. The reality was she was modelling in Paris, Milan and London and was a Ford model by the age of 23 years old! Opening up about her own battle with the booze she said “I needed to drink to chat to people, for confidence, to have a personality, to be creative, to have friends, to be accepted and my job revolved around it. I would use it to take off the edge, to cope with a tough day,When a reason didn’t present itself I would make it up. That’s the thing with addiction – it tells you lies, and you repeat those lies to anyone who will listen." She was powerfully open about her journey and her experience with the 12-Program which was the only choice at the time in Ireland in 2015. "“Addiction rips you apart at your soul level; the very essence of your being dies,” she explained. “Using becomes a way of being happy – or at least happier than being sober. Overall, it’s a vicious cycle that lures you in with false promises of fun, and sits you out with nothing: no self-esteem, broken relationships, arguments, memory loss, lost belongings, wasted days, anxiety and depression.” The Sober Aly F. Canavan is a wonder, a powerhouse of energy, ideas and a deep sense of peace about her on our call. She is happily living in the States with her son and oozed confidence and a sense of awareness that was lovely to behold. Having shut the door on alcohol and using a modern recovery a la carte approach she is a daily believer and has turned her already successful life and career into one that is even more successful and remarkable. She is a UCLA trained Mindfulness Facilitator from The Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behaviour. She is an award-winning author, an integrative health coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Heartmath facilitator and International motivational speaker. Having travelled the world as one of Ireland’s most successful international models for nearly two decades, in recent years she has devoted her time to her greatest passion: true health and wellbeing.

Helping people to join the dots with their health and wellbeing is Aly's primary goal and passion. She has a deep interest in nutrition and she graduated with distinction in Nutrition and Health Coaching from the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (IINH). She holds an Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition therapeutics. Alongside that, she has a Raw Foods Mastery level 3 where she studied at The Life Change Health Institute. Aly has become a highly sought after motivational speaker, regularly being invited to deliver talks and workshops on health, wellbeing, meditation, mental health and sobriety at conferences, festivals and events for both the general public and corporate clients.

She has been a sober warrior since MARCH 2015.

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