Hola Sober OCTOBER


What is your profession now that you have changed your life and are a sober powerhouse?

What does the future hold for Ally (outside of a monthly column here!!) I’m writing my next book right now and building my business here in the US. One of the beautiful gifts of covid is that I now have clients from all over the world, Dubai, Australia, France, Spain and many more. I get to connect with more and more amazing people every day. I also teach meditation classes online a couple of days a week too. “Remember that you have a special purpose in this life, and you are here to do something that only you can do. Your unique energetic imprint is important, and you have incredible value and an important story to tell.”

I’m a speaker, transformational coach, meditation teacher and author. I have spent many years studying nutrition, lifestyle and metaphysical laws. I do talks for corporates all over the world teaching my H.E.A.R.T program including You Tube and PayPal, Bristol Myer Sqibbs, Unplug, Moxifit and many more. I have always been a spiritual soul seeker and from an early age I questioned life, our origins and purpose. I had wonderful Buddhist teachers for nearly two decades and I was drawn to Buddhist philosophies. Taming the mind and understanding compassion having always been and still are areas of great interest to me. I’m also a Heart Math facilitator which focuses of leading a heart led life and my area of interest has always been around the potential of human beings. I believe that each one of us is far more powerful that we have been taught. By using the power of the imagination, we can co-create a beautiful life with the infinite. There are laws upon which this universe operates and when we study them, align with them and live according to them we can create a life we truly love living. There is an art and science to transformation and that’s what I teach is my 90-day program. I look at writing a vision statement, increasing confidence and self-esteem, forgiveness, intuition and much more. The power of the mind and dream building are your passion, how can a sober woman benefit from your classes/ courses / programs? I have a lot of clients in recovery and my Dream Building course helps people to focus on growth, possibility and potential. We look at your dreams and where they might have gone into hibernation. We look at fears and paradigms and limiting beliefs and work through pain points helping each individual become the best version of themselves. Most of us spend more time planning a holiday than we do our life. The universe reads the thoughts and images you send out most often. If those thoughts are ones of fear and lack, then that energy will be reflected in your daily life. Just imagine you were to spend time each day actually creating a life your love living and taking action steps (no matter how small) in that direction. I have been privileged to witness in credible transformation and growth in my clients lives and feel blessed to do the work I do each day now.

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