Hola Sober OCTOBER

Michelle's October Pick

For October I have chosen a product I heard di scussed on BBC Radio and decided i t was wor th a t ry . Paula ' s Choice 1 % Ret inol . Renowned for being 100 % t ransparent and a t rustwor thy leader in the beauty indust ry - PAULA ' S CHOICE cuts through the noi se to del i ver hardworking , science - backed formulas that del i ver resul ts and l i ve up to thei r claims . One of the

brands bestsel lers , thi s CLINICAL 1 % Ret inol Treatment harnesses 1 % ret inol , pept ides and

l iquor ice root ext ract to f i rm skin , fade brown spots and smooth wr inkles for a beaut i ful and rejuvenated resul t . I am real l y pleased wi th i t . Eas i l y absorbed , non greasy , and seems to be working at keeping my skin in good condi t ion can buy i t on Amazon ! I am thr i l led wi th the resul ts thus far and i t has become qui te a cul t product wi th bloggers and onl ine audiences and I understand why ! I t i s ter r i f ic ! L o t s o f l o v e Mi c h e l l e x

October Pick from Gee

I don ' t read books and have had no des i re to read books throughout my sobr iety . Whi le everyone in my group was shar ing book t i t les and podcasts , my headspace was busy and I didn ' t have the interest to read about other women who had shared my journey . Susan talks of Saint Glennon so bloody of ten tel l ing us the book was the most power ful book she had ever read that my interest was tweaked and had to s i t down and read i t mysel f . And here I s i t on the f i rst day of October reading the words of a woman I know l i t t le about but am blown away by how she wr i tes , her thoughts and her perspect i ve on the wor ld . IF you l ike me are NOT the woman on the zoom cal l wi th a l ibrary of books behind you and have never had a des i re to read anything more than a work related book or a magaz ine . UNTAMED i s for you . Her wr i t ing sty le i s easy to read , her ideas are wonder ful l y shaped and thought out and Susan ' s r ight - you cannot read thi s book and emerge unchanged . October in thi s house wi l l be a di f ferent place hav ing read thi s ! ! L o t s o f l o v e Ge e x x

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