Hola Sober OCTOBER

Reminder “ One of the students raised his had and said, matter - of - factly, " I ' m afraid I can ' t stop drinking. " The room went silent. All eyes went to our teacher, David. Without missing a beat, he smiled, looked at him, and said, " Of course you can. Are you drinking now? " " No. " " And now? " He smiled, and said softly, " No. " " ...and how about right now? " We all smiled this time. " No. " This is how it is done - how anything is done. One moment, then the next, then the next. This is how this book is being written: I type this word, then this one, then this one. The words build sentences. The sentences build a paragraph. A book is impossible, but a word and then another word is not. A lifetime of sobriety was impossible, but a moment of sobriety was not. I was doing it, and I was doing it, and I was doing it again. ” ― Laura McKowen

Let ' s do it.

I ' m on it!

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