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Brave souls defied –25˚C temperatures to enjoy a warm atmosphere at the traditional Champlain Township Winter Carnival, held February 7, 8 and 9 in Vankleek Hill. «What’s important is that people from all over THE community come and celebrate together,» said Lisa Burroughs, Director of Parks and Recreation for Champlain Township, «After all, this is the Champlain Winter Carnival, not the Vankleek Hill Winter Carnival! » Lisa Burroughs arrived at dawn to set up the day’s various entertainment and comfort stations. She noted that community support is what makes the carnival a success. “It’s the generosity of our sponsors such as Beau’s Brewery and Apex Escape Games, among others, as well as the work of the volunteers that make this event possible.” This year, in addition to the established activities, such as the snow sculpture com- petition, the lumberjack skill contest, the arts and crafts tables and the classic Big Slide, the Champlain Township Winter Carnival staff added a few new features to the program, such as an escape room and an inflatable game for children. On Saturday, the indoor skating rink was transformed into an ice disco, reminiscent of roller-skating centres of the 1980s, which proved a real hit. Cold and Heat “It’s the week before Valentine’s Day,” KPLFE.BZPS/PSNBOE3JPQFMi*UHJWFTVT a preview of the love people have for each other! It’s also nice to see people involved.” And as such, even the younger generation lent a hand. Players from the Hawkesbury Hawks and the Vankleek Hill Cougars hockey clubs were there to help the organizers, notably by adding wood to the campfire loca- ted in the centre of the community centre’s courtyard, which quickly became the focal point of the carnival. “We’re Canadians. It’s not a bit of cold that’s going to stop us from going out!” concluded Burroughs.

Les températures glaciales n’ont pas empêché les gens de s’amuser au festival hivernal de Champlain, tenu les 7, 8 et 9 février à Vankleek Hill. Ici, l’épreuve de la scie passe-partout à deux lors du classique concours des bûcherons. —photo André Farhat

The Vankleek Hill Arena rink was transformed into an ice disco for Winter Carnival over the February 8 weekend —photo André Farhat





Hydro-Québec is currently carrying out major work at Grenville-sur-la-Rouge to improve the discharge capacity of the Chute-Bell generating station and weir (commonly called Chute-Bell dam). This work must be completed before the spring flood. During the week of February 24, 2020, Hydro-Québec will remove the inflatable rubber gates on the crest of the weir. To do this, the level of the Rivière Rouge will have to be lowered temporarily. The water level will be reduced by about 2 metres from February 22 to March 1, 2020. During this period, it will be dangerous to venture out on the river, since the ice cover will be weakened and unstable in places. To avoid accidents during the lowering of the water level, Hydro-Québec requests that the public refrain from traveling on the Rivière Rouge between the Chute-Bell structures, in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, and Chemin de la Rivière Maskinongé (pont Rivington), in Harrington. Thank you for your cooperation and vigilance. More information Info-project Line: 1 800 465-1521, extension 6022

Hydro-Québec réalise présentement des travaux importants à Grenville-sur-la-Rouge pour améliorer la capacité de déversement de l’aménagement de la Chute-Bell. Ces travaux doivent être terminés avant la prochaine crue printanière. Dans la semaine du 24 février 2020, Hydro-Québec enlèvera la vanne gonflable du déversoir. Pour ce faire, elle devra abaisser le niveau de la rivière Rouge en amont de la centrale et du déversoir d’environ 2 m pour la période du 22 février au 1 er mars 2020. Durant cette période, la circulation sur la rivière sera dangereuse, car la couverture de glace sera fragilisée et instable par endroits. Afin d’éviter tout incident pendant que le niveau de la rivière est abaissé, Hydro-Québec demande à la population de ne pas circuler sur la rivière Rouge entre les ouvrages de la Chute-Bell, à Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, et le chemin de la Rivière-Maskinongé (pont Rivington), à Harrington. Hydro-Québec vous remercie de votre collaboration et de votre vigilance. Pour plus d’information Ligne Info-projets : 1 800 465-1521, poste 6022

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