Previstar Incident Manager

Providing operational backbone for situational awareness, decision support, and multi-agency coordination

Incident Manager is the quintessential online command center which provides an operational FOUNDATION for real time situational awareness, decision support, and multi-jurisdictional coordination.

Benefits • Comprehensive real time incident status.

• Seamless platform for collaboration and coordination within organizations • Dynamic Incident Command System form integration • Guides and auto-fill forms • Faster and more efficient incident management. • Supports both ICP as well as Emergency Operation Centers command staff work. • Personalized dashboards allowing each responder to organize their critical data views.

Previstar Incident Manager Incident Manager is based upon FEMA’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) and has integrated Incident Command System (ICS) workflow, terminology and forms.

Features Comprehensive situational awareness • Integrated NIMS and ICS as well as forms • Multi-jurisdictional incident command • Real-time data sharing • Integrated GIS map with auto filled incident status • User personalized dashboard for incident overview • Mobile compatible

Incident Manager provides users with a compre- hensive incident overview from multiple locations. Users can then easily assess the situation by utilizing their customized dashboards, integrated message center and multiple event logs. Incident Manager´s workflow guides the users to set up incident commands, identify critical incident facilities, with the ability to assign critical ICS roles to each of the operational areas. All incident data is easily exportable to office program format for incident reporting.

Users of Previstar’s Preparedness Systems Governments and commercial organizations have used Previstar’s solutions to enhance their C4I capabilities, to prepare for bioterrorism attacks, to protect citizens at the Olympics, to recover from the multiple 2004 Florida hurricanes and from hurricane Katrina, and also to enhance the preparedness of nursing homes across an entire state. Incident Manager is a proven solution trusted by emergency planners worldwide to make the world a safer place.

Previstar Inc. • • Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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