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DR. CHARLES L. FE INBERG .. .are you ready for a little tough one-to-one?

Talbot Theological Seminary cannot fill one-third of the requests that come from churches, schools, and Christian organizations asking for our graduates. Why? There is a demand today for men who are sound, contemporary, informed, competent, disciplined and compassionate.

There is opportunity as never before. People are tired of silly platitudes, a washed-out theology and little sermonettes for placid pewsters! The world is waiting to hear someone who has something to say.

Some are seeing the challenge and meeting it head-on! (Enrollment is just under 200 for the coming year but that doesn't begin to meet the need.) Sure it is demanding. Is anything ever worthwhile without sacrifice? Think about it.

Work at Talbot is never easy, just stimulating and eternally rewarding. For the challengers the results are ever so satisfying — front-liners in the battle, leaders in the work of the building of the church. You can take a back seat or get into it and make the necessary sacrifices to become productive and creative in the work of God. Think about it. For the pastor, teacher, missionary, Talbot offers a kaleidoscopic in-depth, yet comprehensive study of the Word of God. From every luminous angle, biblical languages, theology, Bible exposition, the text is scrutinized. Its historical im­ plication, development of the church, practical theology, preaching and the philosophical vista are added to the other disciplines. The end result is proficiency. For the Christian educator, Talbot offers an exciting, expanding and vital program in Religious Education involving careful study of the Word of God, educational methodology, current trends, materials, equipment and contemporary progeny from the fertile minds in related fields. Dynamic practical involvement and implementation and a learning-while-doing emphasis balance the program.


Offering BD, MRE and ThM degrees Dr. Charles L. Feinberg, Dean



Dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home


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1 THE KING’SBUSINESS Magazine isa Publication ofBiolaSchools &Colleges, Inc. Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor, S. H. Sutherland, Pres., Ray A. Myers, Board Chmn.

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October/Volume 58/Number 10 / Established 1910 CONTENTS:

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15 Wilt Thou BeMadeWhole?.......................................VANCE HAVNER 16 The Feast of Unleavened Bread ........................... 23 IWill Return ........................ 26 Liberty . . . The American Way............................. 30 Apologetics. . . Yesterday and Today .........................


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ABOUT THE COVER: Some of the placesto bevisited during the Christmas Season Holy Land tour are seenon this month’s cover. Se story on pages12-14.

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"a message from the editor *

A N A T T he 1968 political conventions o f the two major parties in the United States now are history. The candidates have been selected and in November a new president will be elected. During the Republican Convention, unfortunately this editor was on vacation where he was unable to obtain detailed reports o f the ' events in Miami Beach. However, this was not the case with the Democratic Convention where he heard and saw everything via TV , radio and the press. There the development which shocked all patriotic Americans was the incredible fact that "hippies” and "yippies” and other ' totally irresponsible, lawless groups had to be reckoned with to such a degree that the Convention center actually was trans­ formed into an armed fortress. Convention hotel headquarters and routes to the Convention hall had to be guarded heavily in order to protect the delegates from harm and molestation. These a people were the official representatives o f their party going about their business and not in any way provoking such an unwar­ ranted and outrageous attack. The unspeakable tragedy o f it is that conditions like this should be allowed to exist at all, any­ where, under any circumstances in "the land o f the free and the home o f the brave.” Apparently the only persons free to say and to do what they wish are these protestors who themselves have no constructive program to present, no worthwhile aims, and whose only purpose appears to be to destroy. They would not know in the least what to do with authority for which they scream if it were granted them. Yet they protest and protest and protest. They voice obscenities and demonstrate with whatever weapons they can contrive while spineless politicians defend their right o f "free speech.” One can only conclude that the purpose o f these faithless political leaders is prestige for themselves and votes at the polls when they thus curry favor with the dissenters. They are the ones who are selling down the river the real liberties o f the citizens o f the United States. O f course, this whole mess into which we have been plunged was aided and abetted by certain disgraceful Supreme Court deci­ sions a number o f years ago in which the rights o f the individual were given priority over the rights o f the majority. Because there were enough o f these dissenters to make a sufficiently loud noise, their cries were heard and their complaints listened to. They were coddled along while the great quiet body o f hard-working, tax- paying, decent Americans were deprived o f their rights and robbed o f their God-given heritage o f liberty, in favor o f these dissenters’ so-called "rights.” TH E KING'S BUSINESS

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S H A M E BY DR. SAMUEL H. SUTHERLAND / PRESIDENT, BIOLA SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES, INC. It is the opinion o f this editor, shared by many American pa­ triots, that the "Warren Court” — the period in which the Su­ preme Court was under the jurisdiction o f Chief Justice Earl i Warren — will go down in history as the one which shamefully sold out the real liberties o f American citizens while perferential treatment was given to these irresponsible groups who have con­ tributed nothing o f value to the country. On the contrary, they have betrayed the laws o f the land, taking outrageous advantage o f the courts, propounding their anti-American, treasonous views with impunity. This has been a dark and evil era in our history, and incredible as it seems, in large part the guilt must be laid at the door o f the Supreme Court, that once revered body which served as a model o f justice and righteousness and the upholder o f the rights o f all the people. According to a newspaper report, "the total size o f the se­ curity force (in Chicago, during the convention) is not known . . . it involves at least 26,000 persons and probably about 40,000.” This shocks us beyond measure; it is unthinkable! Imagine its taking 40,000 lawmen to protect 5,000 delegates to a party con­ vention! What has this to do with civil rights or civil liberties? ' Yet we go back again to the action o f our Supreme Court in opening that "Pandora’s box” by changing the laws o f the land and interpreting the constitution according to their own notions. This is what Chief Justice Earl Warren and his fellow liberals in the Court have passed on to us as the reward o f the years he - sat on that august bench and accepted a munificent salary from the Americans he betrayed. This is also what President Johnson, since the resignation o f Chief Justice Warren, is seeking to per­ petuate as his last gift to the American people, in the appoint­ ment o f Mr. Fortas as Mr. Warren’s successor. Not only is Mr. Fortas a hard-core liberal like Mr. Warren but also has committed himself to the defense o f many o f the evils corrupting our land such as pornography. Very possibly it may take a whole generation o f men serving on the Supreme Court to clean up the sordid mess into which the Warren Court has dumped us; to restore to the people the rights that are theirs under the constitution, unless indeed we have al­ ready passed the point o f no return. N o words can express our righteous wrath at such tampering with our hard earned liberties and such pampering o f the criminals. Time magazine for August 9, 1968, p. 71, included a quote from Mr. Fortas to the effect that Cont. on Page H OCTOBER, 1968

Coming. . . January '69

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named executive vice president of the College. Dr. Johnston, who succeeds Dr. Roy L. Aldrich, will assume the duties of his new office about September 1, 1968. Dr. Aldrich retired in June 1967; he had been president of the College since its founding in 1945. Scripture Press Publications, Wheat­ on, Illinois, has announced the ap­ pointment of E. D. Liden as Advertis­ ing and Sales Promotion Manager. Liden has held the position of Church Sales Manager for the organization since January of 1967. According to figures made avail­ able through the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports and released by Attor­ ney General Ramsay Clark, serious crime in the United States continued its sharp upward trend recording a 17 percent rise nationally for the first three months of 1968 when compared to the same period in 1967. . . FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover pointed out that each crime classification used in the national Crime Index showed substantial increases. Crimes of violence as a group recorded an 18 percent increase with murder up 16 percent, forcible rape 19 percent, aggravated assault 13 percent and robbery 24 percent. Property crimes as a group climbed 16 percent with burglary up 15 percent, auto theft 17 percent and larceny $50 and over in value 19 percent. The Institute Evangelico America Latina has acquired a new three acre camr pus in Guatemala City. Affiliated with the Christian Nationals’ Evangelism Commission, Inc. (CNEC) the school is part of the organization’s 25-year- old program of Christian Outreach in 14 nations. The Institute was found­ ed by a native Guatemalan, Rev. Virgi- lio Zapata. EVANGELIST’S LIFE THREATENED A threaten ing phone call re­ vealed a plot to take the life of Latin American evangelist Luis Palau during the United Crusade in San Cristobal, Vene­ zuela, May 26-June 2. The agi­ tation of the Gospel in the provin­ cial capital city of 120,000 caused aggressive resistance on the part of the State Church leaders, de­ spite the full endorsement of the Governor and local civic officials. Cooperation o f the local authori- TH E KING'S BUSINESS

Youth for Christ International Wheaton, Illinois 61087 YES, send me _______ copies of the com­ plete Guide to Christian Colleges. Enclosed i s _______________to cover postage costs. Single copies 5

The 13th Annual Writers' Conference at Wheaton College is scheduled for October 11 and 12. Speakers include Calvin Bulthuis, editor and vice-presi­ dent of Eerdmans Publishing Com­ pany, and Donald Holt, chief of the Mid-west Bureau of N ew sw e e k magazine. The annual lecture of the division of languages and literature held in conjunction with the confer­ ence will feature Dr. Thomas Bergin of Yale, a noted Dante scholar. The Evangelical Alliance Mission re­ ported its largest candidate class in ten years. Enrolled were 90 men and women including ten from Canada, three from South Africa, and one from Mexico. Among the 90 were ten nurses, seven pastors, 26 teachers, a pilot, five musicians, and others with varied technical and theological train­ ing. Mr. Thomas E. Steele, who joined Ra­ dio Station HCJB in late 1966 and went to Ecuador in 1967, has been appointed Broadcast Director with responsibility for the local and inter­ national radio transmissions. He served most recently as Director of Radio and Extension for B io l a Schools and Colleges in Southern California. Dr. Stanley D. Toussalnt has been ap­ pointed President of Western Bible Institute in Denver. Dr. Toussaint



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came to Western from Dallas Theo­ logical S em in a ry where he was Pro­ fessor of New Tes­ tament and Greek E x e g e s is fr om 1960 to the pres­ ent. He became the third president of Western Bible In-

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Dr. Toussaint stitute, succeeding acting president, Ronald C. Merryman, who will remain on the faculty. Dr. Wendell G. Johnston has been ap­ pointed president of Detroit Bible College. For the past four years Dr. Johnston has ben Academic Dean at Washington Bible College, Washing­ ton, D.C. Dr. William A. BeVier, who has served as interim president of DBC during the past year, has been


ties and personal protection of form er Venezuelan Presidential body - guard, Roger Rodriguez, prevented any harm to Palau. Luis Palau preached to ca­ pacity crowds in the “Liberty Plaza,” trad itiona l s ite f o r speeches by Venezuelan Presi­ dents and other visiting digni­ taries. Hundreds responded to the invitation in this historical place. It was the first time the “Liberty Plaza” had been used to preach the Gospel. Dr. Dick Hillis, Director of Overseas Crusades, states, “The best preparation for evangelism is a rev iv ed chu rch .” The churches of San Cristobal were prepared for this time of harvest, multiplied by the hundreds of new converts to the gospel.

There she stands in your path. Not a lifeless manikin doll- but a real, live little one who seeks only a pittance to help fill her stomach’s gnawing emptiness. For her and multitudes more, begging’s not a matter of choice— it’s a matter o f life or death!

And then suddenly there’s Compas­ sion! No begging tomorrow. Instead— nourishing food, fresh clothes, a clean bed, medical care, learning and Bible training, fun with other children, a re­ vived laugh . . . new hope for tomorrow! That’s the happy reality this very day for more than 24,000 children lovingly cared for by dedicated Christian super­ visors in 180 Compassion Homes. How is it possible? Simply, through the thousands of generous Americans coun­ try-wide who love these little ones and who care enough to share their richly be­ stowed blessings. Please don’t walk by. By investing $12.00 a month through Compassion your heart can reach all the way to her little outstretched hand. DID YOU KNOW? COMPASSION ... Cares for more than 24,000 needy children. Maintains 180 Homes (includes 11 homes for children of lepers; deaf, dumb, and blind children), supervised by Christian staff and directors. Provides more than 30,000,000 meals each year.

205 Jae Hwa

(164 Ran Hui

176 Hyo Sook

■1 A. Pandjaitan


#19 R. Simandjun

#36 E. Siregar

Palau said of the crusade, “God has allowed the team to present the message salvation to thou­ sands of people in the city. This is a special time in all o f Latin America; many doors of oppor­ tunity are being opened to us. It is an exciting hour of successful evangelism by God’s grace. In this hour of urgency we must be available to be used o f God to see revival in the Spanish-speaking countries of the world.”

Rev. Henry L. Harvey, Pres. □ Yes, with God's help, I want to sponsor a child for $12.00 a month. I enclose support for □ first month □ one year. I understand I may discontinue at any time. My choice is Number________ If this child has been chosen, please send case history and photo of child you select for me as soon as possible. I prefer □ boy □ girl, approximately _____ years of age. □ I cannot sponsor a child now, but want to help by giving $___________ enclosed. Contributions tax-deductible.

m m . Est. 1952—Rev. Everett F. Swanson, Founder An Interdenominational, Gov.-approved Non-profit Corporation Dept. K108 7774 Irving Park Rd.f Chicago, III. 60634 Canadian residents w rite: Compassion of Canada Ltd., Box 880, Blenheim, Ontario









by Betty Bruechert “T H E C O O N E Y IT E S ” A f r ie n d from Idaho writes: “ Tell me something about the Cooney- ites, or as they are sometimes called, ‘The Two-by-Two’s.’ They are strong in this area. What is wrong with their teaching?” This is one of the very small sects in America. It began in Ireland in 1894 and emigrated to the United States about the turn of the century. The founder was a Scotsman, Wil­ liam Weir Irvine, who had been con­ nected with an Irish mission. First he worked in Methodist churches, then began to denounce them and all organized religion, claiming them to be apostate. He gathered a few fol­ lowers who gave up their secular em­ ployment and turned over to the sect their possessions. Because they in­ sisted that they were called to “Go,” they were first named “Go Preach­ ers” ; then because they did not en­ gage in gainful employment and wore shabby clothing, they were called “ Tramp Preachers.” The most outstanding convert was Edward Cooney, a fiery, fanatical rabble- rouser, and soon they were designat­ ed as “ Cooneyites.” They established “ churches” with “ bishops” at the head and conducted private home meetings on Sunday mornings and public prayer meetings during the week. Their method of operation is to locate in an obscure place, and seek those they consider “worthy.” If none respond, they literally shake the dust off their feet against them. They enlist young men and women to go out “ two by two” to propagate their doctrines, and discourage mar­ riage. It is difficult to pin-point Cooney- ite doctrines because they are averse to publishing any literature. They claim the Bible is but a “ dead book” unless it is preached by them. Their main theme is “ the Jesus way” but it is not Scriptural because it is not the way of salvation, based upon the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ. They attempt to get people to follow “ the Jesus way”—to imitate Christ—without being bom again by the Spirit of God. In addition they teach that Christ had a sinful, human nature against which He was obliged to battle and that His work was not finished on the cross, but must be completed by them. “ From such with­ draw thyself” (I Tim. 6:3).


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Justice Glenn Terrell, Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida: "The inscription over the entrance to the Graduate School B ldg, of the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, is: ‘The Half of Knowledge Is to Know Where to Find Knowledge.’ The New Chain Reference Bible is the ‘Where* to find the fullest spiritual truths and to gain the most com plete knowledge o f the Bible in the easiest way. For the past two years I have used the New Chain Reference Bible and I have found it the best of them all.” Dr. V. R. Kdman: "The New Chain Reference Bible is a most valuable help to me in searching the Scriptures as well as in devotional reading. Study therein is most rewarding.” Dr. Harold J. Ockenga: “The New Chain Reference Bible is splendid. For the new Christian or for one who has studied the Bible for forty years, the helps are tim e-saving and of great assistance. It is truly a Bible that should be in every hom e.” Dr. Duke K. McCall: "The New ness, the New Chain Reference Bible is a jewel. It is a pleasure to commend it to all lovers of the Scriptures.” Dr. Edward L R. Elson: "F or twenty- five years, I have used the New Chain Reference Bible as my study and devotional Bible. As an aid to Biblical study and hom iletical effort, it has always been at my right hand. For the preacher, teacher and student of the Bible, it is unsurpassed.” Dr. J. C. McPheeters: "I regard the New Chain Reference Bible as the best Bible published with special helps to guide the student in Bible study.” Dr. Rob Jones, Sr.: "You will do any man a great favor by putting this Bible in his hands. I wish I could influence every Christian to purchase one o f these Bibles.” Rapidly Replacing Other Bibles— Has So Many More New Helps! 1. Unique chart showing Origin and Growth of the English Bible. 33. Life studies, such asBusinessLife, Home Life, etc. 34. Bible Stories for Children. A list of 56 stories to be read from the Bible itself. Chain Reference Bible not only provides a wealth of useful helps for Bible study but also provides them in a form which makes them accessible to the user. For the most usable and tim e-saving helps, I suggest that one carefully examines this Bible before buying any other.” Dr. Paul S. Rees: “ For sheer helpful­

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35. Miracles of both the Old and New Testaments. 36. Parables of the Old Testament. Parables of the New Testament, each GospeL 37. Titles and names of Christ; of the Holy Spirit; of

God the Father; and of Satan. 38. General Bible Prophecies. 39. A list of the Prophets of the Bible.

40. List of the Judges of Israel and Judah. 41. List of the Notable Women of the Bible. 42. Mountains and Hills referred to in Bible. 43. Dictionary Material. 44. Tables of Time, Money, Weights and Measures. More Unusual Features in the Helps 45. The Historical Rridge, covering interval between the Old and New Testaments. 46. Chart showing the History of the Apostles. 47. Harmony of the Gospels, citing references in dif­ ferent Gospels where events arc given. 48. Calendar of the Christian Era. 49. The Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus, illus­ trated with well-known paintings. 50. Chart of the Seven Churches of Asia, described by John. 51. An Outline History of the Evangelistic and Mis­ sionary Work of the Early Church. 52. The Prophecies Concerning Jesus and their Fulfill­ ment. arranged Chronologically, with principal verses printed out in full. 53. Map Showing Approximate Distances from Jerusa­ lem to Various Historical Points. 54. Chart Showing the Interior Arrangement of the Temple at Jerusalem. 55. Nineteen Special Illustrated Maps Showing the Journeys of Abraham. Children of Israel. Joshua. Gideon, Samuel. Saul. David. Solomon, Jesus. Paul and Peter. These are separate maps, mind you— not several crowded together on one page. 56. Places of Religious Worship, Hebrew Times. Fes­ tivals and Religious Officials. New in the Fourth Improved Edition

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I A M O N E OF T H E T .W .O . ’ S

her mother can’t be home, she stays with an older lady. But lots of times I’m home all by myself, ’cause my brothers are out for basket-ball practice or at their friends’ houses. The lady on the other side of me has her television going all the time, too. Sometimes I won­ der what is more important to these people—their television, or their kids. Really, I do. I wonder if anybody thinks about us kids . . . it’s no fun feeling like work or television is more important than you are. A new family recently moved into our neighborhood, though. The mother is almost always home and she lets us kids come over and play in her yard. Then she started a Good News Club and we all went to it. It was something different. It gave us something to do one afternoon a week. But there we also learned about the Lord Jesus, and how He died on the cross for our sins. Many o f us kids have come to know Him as our Saviour now. You know, it’s a funny thing. This Good News Club lady doesn’t have a television and she doesn’t work, either! But she seems to be happier than my Mom and these other mommies. I’m sure it’s partly because she loves the Lord Jesus. But maybe it’s partly be­ cause she doesn’t waste her time in front of the television screen all day, or work all the time, just to get more money. I’d like to come home from school and have my Mom be there. There are things I could tell her, but I forget them later on, and she’s rushing around get­ ting dinner ready and then our TV goes on, and I can’t get a word in edgewise. I think there’d be lots less kids in trouble if a lot more mothers would stay home and take care o f T. W. O’. I really do!

by 13et+y Z. UUaIker Y e s , I am one o f the many, many T. W. O.’s in America. Now, don’t get excited and think I don’t know how to count, or that I’m talking double-talk! Let me ex­ plain. T. W. 0. stands for “Tele­ vision W ork Orphan.” Never heard of one? 0 . there are thou- sonds of us. There’s probably one right down the street from your house. The w ord “ orphan” might throw you off at first, because we do have parents. It’s just that these other things seem to be so very important, we’re like or­ phans. Our parents don’t pay much attention to us. Take the lady next door to us, for instance. She has five chil­ dren, ranging in ages from 1 to 8. Any time of day you go over there, the television is going. Her little girl wanders all over our neighborhood, walks r igh t in doors without being admitted to the house, and half the time I’m sure her mother doesn’t know where she is — she’s too busy watching a favorite program. Her four-year-old boy is quite often at a neighbor’s house early in the morning. He hasn’t had his break­ fast because his mommie stayed up too late last night—watching television, o f course! Now my family situation is different. I’m 10, and I’m the youngest. My sister works and one brother is married; the other two are in high school. But my Mom works. She leaves the house before I go to school. I get out at 3:30 and she gets home about 5:30 or 6:00. I see her at night and on week-ends, but she always “has to go to work,” even some­ times on Saturday mornings. The girl down the street has it different. Her mother works at different times on a special job. If

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T he portion for our present consideration is Zechariah 9:1-10 (ASV), which reads as fol­ lows :

The burden of the word of the Lord upon the land of Hadrach, and Damascus shall be its resting-place (for the eye of man and of all the tribes of Israel is toward the Lord ); and Hamath, also, which bordereth thereon; Tyre and Sidon, because they are very wise. And Tyre did build herself a stronghold, and heaped up silver as the dust, and fine gold as the mire of the streets. Behold, the Lord will dispossess her, and he will smite her power in the sea; and she shall be devoured with fire. Ashkelon shall see it, and fear; Gaza also, and shall be sore pained; and Ekron, for her expectation shall be put to shame; and the king shall perish from Gaza, and Ashkelon shall not be inhabited. And a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines. And I will take away his blood out of his mouth, and his abominations from between his teeth; and he also shall be a remnant for our God; and he shall be as a chieftain in Judah, and Ekron as a Jebusite. And I will encamp about my house against the army, that none pass through them any more: for now have I seen with mine eyes. Rejoice greatly, 0 daughter of Zion; shout, 0 daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy king cometh unto thee; he is just, and having salvation; low­ ly, and riding upon an ass, even upon a colt the foal of an ass. And I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim, and the horse from Jerusalem; and the battle bow shall be cut off; and he shall speak peace unto the na­ tions: and his dominion shall be from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth.

two martial scenes, verses 9 and 10 furnish us a short sketch, a thumbnail sketch, o f God’s plan for lasting and permanent peace. Zechariah clearly gives us all the elements of the program. He points out, first of all, THE AGENT OF PEACE. The prophet calls upon all in the nation to re­ joice and shout. The coming of this One is not attended with fear for His people, as was so often the case with foreign invaders. His advent is the cause for great rejoicing. It should be remembered that God never asks man to rejoice in this world’s fleeting pleasures. Israel, as she sees the approach o f the King o f Peace, is enjoined to great exulta­ tion. The One coming is designated as Israel’s King, her very own, the long-awaited, long-prom­ ised, long-prophesied One. He comes to Israel, that is, He is o f Israel as to the flesh, but He appears to them from the Father (Romans 1:3, 4). And not only to them, but, as the original wording will allow, for them, for their eternal good. His coming is not for His own profit or self-aggrandizement, as with earthly rulers. If one were to inquire o f a normal congregation the three characteristics o f a suitable world ruler, they would present qualifications far different from the ones the Spirit of God foretells here. First and foremost, He will be just or righteous. The prime and indispensable prerequisite in a true ruler and the foundation principle for true and lasting peace is righteousness. He is altogether righteous. There is an unbreakable link between righteousness and peace. Isaiah (32:17, ASV) stated: “And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness, quietness and confidence for ever.” (Compare also Psalm 45:6, 7; Isaiah 11:3-5); and Jeremiah 23:5.) He is animated in every act by righteousness. How odious to God is an unjust and unrighteous ruler. Peace must be grounded and founded in justice. This King Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, will act accordingly. Furthermore, the coming King, the Agent of peace, will be vitally related to the question of TH E KINO'S BUSINESS

The first eight verses o f this passage set forth the conquests o f Alexander the Great. Coming from Greece, he marched down the Phoenician and Pal­ estinian coast, capturing in turn Damascus, Sidon, Tyre, and Gaza. Neither the Phoenicians, nor the Syrians, nor the Philistines escaped the rod of his wrath. But he passed by Jerusalem more than once without harming it, a manifest token o f God’s protection o f His land, His temple, and His people. The prophet Zechariah now, by the prophetic law o f suggestion, is directed of the Spirit o f God to see a still greater deliverance for his people and the nations of the world. The prophets of God were so filled with expectations of the Messiah that they turned from every deliverance, no matter how small or insignificant, to the last and greatest of all. From an earthly conqueror o f great ruthless­ ness and military prowess, Alexander the Great, Zechariah gazes upon the coming King o f the whole earth. The remaining verses of the chap­ ter (w . 11-17) are occupied with the Maccabean Wars of the second century B.C. Inserted between 12

for LastingT^eace by GluoJxhA-L. Ft

and majesty as King. Between verses 9 and 10 of our chapter have come all the centuries of the Christian era. A similar parenthesis is found in Isaiah 61:1, 2 and Daniel 9:24-27, among other references. Having laid the foundation for all peace in the blood o f His Cross, He now puts into effect peace for all the world. First, He destroys all instru­ ments o f warfare from His people, Ephraim and Jerusalem, and by so much from all the nations. See a simiar connection in Isaiah 9:4-6 and 2:1-4. No defenses for carnal reliance will be left. All symbols of earthly might will be brought to noth­ ing. This will be done not by the meek Lamb, but by the Lamb in wrath, the Lion roaring out of Zion. (Compare Joel 3:16.) But there is a constructive phase to His method of peace, as well as a destructive aspect. The Mes­ siah will speak peace to the nations. What a pro­ nouncement! What a message! What good news for an ineffective United Nations with its Security (? ) Council! The prophet does not mean that He will speak peaceably or teach peace, but by an authoritative word He will command it. Just as He calmed the boisterous waves o f the Sea of Galilee with a word, so He will still the strife in the hearts and lives of the nations in that day. Then will be accomplished by His word alone what men of earth have sought to do for centuries by the use of arms and warfare. True, He speaks peace to individuals now (Ephesians 2:17), but in that day He will speak peace to the nations. There­ fore, He is the desire of alL nations, though they know it not. (See Haggai 2:7.) Notice well that peace is not the result of peace conferences or of the preaching of social gospellers, but o f the direct, immediate activity of the glorified Son of God, the Prince of Peace. And it will be peace like a river, peace indeed, such as the world has never experi­ enced before, though it has been sought after by scores of methods. Pursued diligently, it has yet never been attained. Finally, the prophet reveals the last facet of the plan of God for lasting peace, when he in­ dicates 13

salvation. The world’s peace depends upon a Sav­ iour and His salvation. He is endowed with, en­ trusted with salvation, with help from God. Only a thoroughly righteous person could be the channel for mediating the righteousness of God to a sinful and rebellious world. Finally, He is to be lowly. Here He stands in grand contradistinction to the haughty and proud rulers of the earth. The thought of lowliness and meekness with peaceful intent is brought out further by the manner o f His travel. He comes without pomp or earthly splendor. It is a matter of record that after the time of Solomon there is not one example of a king or distinguished personage riding upon an ass. The One who had not where to lay His head, in order that we might rest our heads upon the bosom o f the Father whence He proceeded, did not conceal His poverty nor His lowliness. Pride was as foreign to Him as it is common to the world’s kings. It is told that a painter called upon a fellow- artist and, finding him out, asked for a pencil and paper, and left a picture. When the friend returned, he said immediately, “Rubens has been here. None but he could have drawn such a picture.” We say of Zechariah’s portrait that only the Spirit of God could have drawn it, and only Christ can be meant by it. But, we are told, He did not bring about lasting world peace when He came to earth. True, but in that first and lowly coming He laid the basis by His death for that peace of which we read in the next verse. Secondly, the prophet, in outlining God’s plan for lasting peace, presents THE METHOD OF PEACE. The picture of the Messiah in verse 10, along­ side that in verse 9, was so puzzling to Jewish commentators that they resorted to an evasive theory of the two Messiahs, Messiah the Son of Joseph who comes in lowliness, and Messiah the Son of David who comes in power and glory. Zechariah 12:10 proves conclusively that there is but one Messiah. The One who was pierced and suffered on earth is the One who comes in power OCTOBER, 1968

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