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I A M O N E OF T H E T .W .O . ’ S

her mother can’t be home, she stays with an older lady. But lots of times I’m home all by myself, ’cause my brothers are out for basket-ball practice or at their friends’ houses. The lady on the other side of me has her television going all the time, too. Sometimes I won­ der what is more important to these people—their television, or their kids. Really, I do. I wonder if anybody thinks about us kids . . . it’s no fun feeling like work or television is more important than you are. A new family recently moved into our neighborhood, though. The mother is almost always home and she lets us kids come over and play in her yard. Then she started a Good News Club and we all went to it. It was something different. It gave us something to do one afternoon a week. But there we also learned about the Lord Jesus, and how He died on the cross for our sins. Many o f us kids have come to know Him as our Saviour now. You know, it’s a funny thing. This Good News Club lady doesn’t have a television and she doesn’t work, either! But she seems to be happier than my Mom and these other mommies. I’m sure it’s partly because she loves the Lord Jesus. But maybe it’s partly be­ cause she doesn’t waste her time in front of the television screen all day, or work all the time, just to get more money. I’d like to come home from school and have my Mom be there. There are things I could tell her, but I forget them later on, and she’s rushing around get­ ting dinner ready and then our TV goes on, and I can’t get a word in edgewise. I think there’d be lots less kids in trouble if a lot more mothers would stay home and take care o f T. W. O’. I really do!

by 13et+y Z. UUaIker Y e s , I am one o f the many, many T. W. O.’s in America. Now, don’t get excited and think I don’t know how to count, or that I’m talking double-talk! Let me ex­ plain. T. W. 0. stands for “Tele­ vision W ork Orphan.” Never heard of one? 0 . there are thou- sonds of us. There’s probably one right down the street from your house. The w ord “ orphan” might throw you off at first, because we do have parents. It’s just that these other things seem to be so very important, we’re like or­ phans. Our parents don’t pay much attention to us. Take the lady next door to us, for instance. She has five chil­ dren, ranging in ages from 1 to 8. Any time of day you go over there, the television is going. Her little girl wanders all over our neighborhood, walks r igh t in doors without being admitted to the house, and half the time I’m sure her mother doesn’t know where she is — she’s too busy watching a favorite program. Her four-year-old boy is quite often at a neighbor’s house early in the morning. He hasn’t had his break­ fast because his mommie stayed up too late last night—watching television, o f course! Now my family situation is different. I’m 10, and I’m the youngest. My sister works and one brother is married; the other two are in high school. But my Mom works. She leaves the house before I go to school. I get out at 3:30 and she gets home about 5:30 or 6:00. I see her at night and on week-ends, but she always “has to go to work,” even some­ times on Saturday mornings. The girl down the street has it different. Her mother works at different times on a special job. If

w liA t: MAkes CÏÜKÎS'CMAS CÌ)KÌS'CÌAN? Christmas is many things. It is always a holiday, family reunions, a tree and presents. Sometimes it is also a time of praise to God for the loving gift of his Son. A truly Christian observance of Christmas demands that our thoughts and festivities center about the Word of God who was made flesh. This year why not make sure that your greeting cards are distinctly Christian? By their unique combination of bibli­ cally oriented art and greetings com­ posed only of Scripture texts and Christian verse, Great Commission cards present a positive witness to Christ. SGNÖ ClmiS'CMAS CARÖS ■CbAT: ARe ChRiStiAN!


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