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for LastingT^eace by GluoJxhA-L. Ft

and majesty as King. Between verses 9 and 10 of our chapter have come all the centuries of the Christian era. A similar parenthesis is found in Isaiah 61:1, 2 and Daniel 9:24-27, among other references. Having laid the foundation for all peace in the blood o f His Cross, He now puts into effect peace for all the world. First, He destroys all instru­ ments o f warfare from His people, Ephraim and Jerusalem, and by so much from all the nations. See a simiar connection in Isaiah 9:4-6 and 2:1-4. No defenses for carnal reliance will be left. All symbols of earthly might will be brought to noth­ ing. This will be done not by the meek Lamb, but by the Lamb in wrath, the Lion roaring out of Zion. (Compare Joel 3:16.) But there is a constructive phase to His method of peace, as well as a destructive aspect. The Mes­ siah will speak peace to the nations. What a pro­ nouncement! What a message! What good news for an ineffective United Nations with its Security (? ) Council! The prophet does not mean that He will speak peaceably or teach peace, but by an authoritative word He will command it. Just as He calmed the boisterous waves o f the Sea of Galilee with a word, so He will still the strife in the hearts and lives of the nations in that day. Then will be accomplished by His word alone what men of earth have sought to do for centuries by the use of arms and warfare. True, He speaks peace to individuals now (Ephesians 2:17), but in that day He will speak peace to the nations. There­ fore, He is the desire of alL nations, though they know it not. (See Haggai 2:7.) Notice well that peace is not the result of peace conferences or of the preaching of social gospellers, but o f the direct, immediate activity of the glorified Son of God, the Prince of Peace. And it will be peace like a river, peace indeed, such as the world has never experi­ enced before, though it has been sought after by scores of methods. Pursued diligently, it has yet never been attained. Finally, the prophet reveals the last facet of the plan of God for lasting peace, when he in­ dicates 13

salvation. The world’s peace depends upon a Sav­ iour and His salvation. He is endowed with, en­ trusted with salvation, with help from God. Only a thoroughly righteous person could be the channel for mediating the righteousness of God to a sinful and rebellious world. Finally, He is to be lowly. Here He stands in grand contradistinction to the haughty and proud rulers of the earth. The thought of lowliness and meekness with peaceful intent is brought out further by the manner o f His travel. He comes without pomp or earthly splendor. It is a matter of record that after the time of Solomon there is not one example of a king or distinguished personage riding upon an ass. The One who had not where to lay His head, in order that we might rest our heads upon the bosom o f the Father whence He proceeded, did not conceal His poverty nor His lowliness. Pride was as foreign to Him as it is common to the world’s kings. It is told that a painter called upon a fellow- artist and, finding him out, asked for a pencil and paper, and left a picture. When the friend returned, he said immediately, “Rubens has been here. None but he could have drawn such a picture.” We say of Zechariah’s portrait that only the Spirit of God could have drawn it, and only Christ can be meant by it. But, we are told, He did not bring about lasting world peace when He came to earth. True, but in that first and lowly coming He laid the basis by His death for that peace of which we read in the next verse. Secondly, the prophet, in outlining God’s plan for lasting peace, presents THE METHOD OF PEACE. The picture of the Messiah in verse 10, along­ side that in verse 9, was so puzzling to Jewish commentators that they resorted to an evasive theory of the two Messiahs, Messiah the Son of Joseph who comes in lowliness, and Messiah the Son of David who comes in power and glory. Zechariah 12:10 proves conclusively that there is but one Messiah. The One who was pierced and suffered on earth is the One who comes in power OCTOBER, 1968

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