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THE KINGDOM OF PEACE. Alexander the Great proudly believed that he had conquered all the world. One glance at a map of this day will show how far astray he really was. God has reserved universal dominion for One and for Him alone. His dominion is to be from sea to sea. Some commentators of the passage try to restrict these designations to Palestine itself, but the words “ the ends of the earth” are not capable o f such restriction or limitation. Definite articles are absent in the original. Furthermore, Psalm 72:8-11 shows in what sense these words are used. The passage reads:

rN R . C h a r l e s L . F e in b e r g recently declared, ^ “As o f this hour the Twentieth Century can go down in history as the century of travel above all preceding years in man’s history. But what is the purpose of such travel? Scientific exploration? pleasure? education? The Chris­ tian knows a better way: travel with a spir­ itual purpose; namely, to enlarge the heart toward God’s program in the world and to broaden the vision o f the world’s peoples and their spiritual needs. Nowhere is such a pur­ pose better served than travel in the land of the Bible.” With careful planning, a special 11-day pro­ phetic and inspirational conference has been scheduled for December 6-16. Featured evan­ gelist, Bible teacher, and hosts include Dr. Jack Wyrtzen, Dr. Charles L. Feinberg, Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland and Mr. A1 Sanders. Total cost from New York to New York is $679.00. Spe­ cial attention has been given to details that will make this tour of special interest to you: The very best use is made of a minimum of time — one week and two weekends. No one will feel his regular schedule at home is drastically interrupted or disrupt­ ed. Many tours leave out certain expenses. This tour is all-inclusive as to your travel needs. Notwithstanding its broad coverage the cost is surprisingly low. You’re invited to compare with other advertised tours. A Bible tour is made or unmade by the nature of the messages given during the briefing and conference sessions. One glance at the roster o f leaders will set your mind at ease on this vital point. Travel can be made difficult for partici­ pants if time is not allotted for physical rest to recoup expended energies and for spiritual meditation to digest the messages and correlate them with the Word o f God. No one can imagine a more heart-warm­ ing season to visit the land of Bible his­ tory, redemption, and prophecy, than the Nativity season. KING’S BUSINESS readers are invited to prayerfully consider this unusual opportunity. Complete details and colorful brochures are available by writing to Mr. Israel Carmona, Tour Coordinator, 13800 Biola Avenue, La Mirada, California 90638. PLEASE SEND FURTHER INFORMATION ON CHRISTMAS TOUR

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the River unto the ends of the earth. They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust. The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall render tribute: The kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts. Yea, all kings shall fall down before him; All na­ tions shall serve him (ASV).

No matter how alluring or plausible the plan of an isolated peace may sound, it will never work. There can never be peace o f a lasting nature on any continent as long as it is absent on another. The nations of earth and their rulers are absolute­ ly powerless to give peace to their own land, let alone all the countries o f the globe. God will give it to all lands alike. It is not peace at any price, but peace at infinite price, nothing less than the life of the Son o f God. It is peace not for one, but for all. Missionaries to India often tell o f their visits to the Taj Mahal, that temple of unusual architec­ tural beauty made o f white marble. One o f the peculiar features of the building is the number of arches it contains. A missionary, on nearing the entrance, was told by his guide that if he whispered even a word inside the building, it would reecho from every arch. Proceeding into the building, the missionary breathed the word “Jesus,” and in­ stantly the echoes resounded from every part of the building. The effect was electrifying and soul- inspiring. And when our Lord Jesus speaks the word “ Peace” in that coming day, it will resound throughout the vault o f heaven and the corridors o f earth, and the earth with its teeming billions will thrill at the sound o f it. Then, and not before then, will the earth know peace. May the hour be hastened! May our zeal impel us to serve our Lord Jesus Christ acceptably among Jews and Gentiles! May our eyes be fixed upon Christ and Him alone and not upon the plans, futile plans, of men. Reprinted by permission from Prophetic Truth Un­ folding Today, edited by Charles L. Feinberg. Pub­ lished by Fleming H. Revell Co.

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