King's Business - 1968-10

t h i n k abou t i t !

DR. CHARLES L. FE INBERG .. .are you ready for a little tough one-to-one?

Talbot Theological Seminary cannot fill one-third of the requests that come from churches, schools, and Christian organizations asking for our graduates. Why? There is a demand today for men who are sound, contemporary, informed, competent, disciplined and compassionate.

There is opportunity as never before. People are tired of silly platitudes, a washed-out theology and little sermonettes for placid pewsters! The world is waiting to hear someone who has something to say.

Some are seeing the challenge and meeting it head-on! (Enrollment is just under 200 for the coming year but that doesn't begin to meet the need.) Sure it is demanding. Is anything ever worthwhile without sacrifice? Think about it.

Work at Talbot is never easy, just stimulating and eternally rewarding. For the challengers the results are ever so satisfying — front-liners in the battle, leaders in the work of the building of the church. You can take a back seat or get into it and make the necessary sacrifices to become productive and creative in the work of God. Think about it. For the pastor, teacher, missionary, Talbot offers a kaleidoscopic in-depth, yet comprehensive study of the Word of God. From every luminous angle, biblical languages, theology, Bible exposition, the text is scrutinized. Its historical im­ plication, development of the church, practical theology, preaching and the philosophical vista are added to the other disciplines. The end result is proficiency. For the Christian educator, Talbot offers an exciting, expanding and vital program in Religious Education involving careful study of the Word of God, educational methodology, current trends, materials, equipment and contemporary progeny from the fertile minds in related fields. Dynamic practical involvement and implementation and a learning-while-doing emphasis balance the program.


Offering BD, MRE and ThM degrees Dr. Charles L. Feinberg, Dean



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