King's Business - 1968-10

S HERLEY AND DICK BOTT had a burden o f heart to broadcast the Gospel to a spiritually needy metropolitan area. The Lord made it possible for them to move to Kansas City, Mo. There, on No­ vember 5, 1962, KCCV ( “Kansas City’s Christian Voice” ) officially was born. Looking back on their experience, Mr. Bott recalls that the loss for the first month was $10,000. This was the result of taking over another station and changing the format. Most of the former sponsors, including a dis­ tillery, cancelled. Located at 1510 on the radio dial, KCCV this November cele­ brates its sixth anniversary. The Botts are not just content with the results of the Kansas City ministry, but are also looking for­ ward to the possibility o f a second all-Christian facility in another area. Mr. and Mrs. Bott met while students at St. Paul Bible College. Sherley is the daughter of the Rev. S. H. Patterson who has been involved in Christian broadcast­ ing for many years. Although his father-in-law had influenced him in radio, Dick changed his concern to one of mere commercial inter­ est at the start. Looking back, he recalls, “ It

cost us a quarter of a million dol­ lars to buy our first station in Monterey, Calif. We thought we were on the way to something really big. It was the number one rock’n roll outlet. During this time, God definitely spoke to our hearts. We realized we weren’t doing that originally intended for us.” During the first two years of KCCV, the station lost money. Then, one day, while listening to a release of “The Back to the Bible Broadcast,” a special challenge came. Dick heard the speaker talk­ ing about Moses who lived in the desert for so many years. This revealed to him how impatient he had been and his problems were then turned over to the Lord. As a result, the station in the next few months started to make progress. News is presented regularly with the station having won four awards from press services in re­ cent years. A lso “ call-in” pro­ grams with special guests are featured. These ranged all the way from Evangelist Billy Gra­ ham to a woman who called her­ self a witch. Dick Bott calls his station “ all- Christian” rather than “ all reli­ gious” for he says, “We believe there’s quite a difference!”





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