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the story of A 20TH CENTURY RUTH !

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The English Bible by F. F. Bruce. The survey of the study of Scripture during the Middle Ages is especially fine. There is an excellent section on Hebrew scholarship in this period, covering men like Rashi (1040-1105), and helpful information about cer­ tain friars among the Dominicans and Franciscans who pursued biblical studies with diligence. Later, MacGregor traces transla­ tions such as those of Tyndale, Cov- erdale, and the King James Version, Revised Version, Revised Standard Version, and New English Bible. There are even lists and comments on men responsible for some of these works. At certain points, the reviewer re­ grets, the book assumes higher criti­ cal dating on Bible books. It puts Second Peter, for example, after A.D. 120 (p. 17). Apart from such mat­ ters, however, it will be helpful and stimulating in any vigorous study into the history of translations from the Middle Ages onward. Reviewed by Dr. James E. Rosscup. Clouds Without Water by Bid R. Austin Broadman Press, $1.50 This is a series of discerning prac­ tical messages based on a study of Jude as it deals with unregenerate church members. The author is pas­ tor of the First Baptist Church, Ver­ non, Texas. It is an energetic and thought-provoking challenge to mod­ em forms of unbelief. Pastors who wish to preach a series from Jude will find good suggestive material for their own sermons. Ministers and laymen alike may be refreshed by the lucid applications to current trends in the church. Reviewed by Dr. James E. Rosscup. V ITA LIZ IN G YOUR SUNDAY SCHOOL VISITA­ TIO N by Fred M. Barlow. 109 pages; paper; Regular Baptist Press, Des Plaines, III.; $1.50. Behind the success of every growing church ministry today are a pastor and his concerned people who know the secret and importance of visitation. Originally published in 1962, the cur­ rent edition has been enlarged to cover some of the new thoughts and areas of this pro­ gram. The author traces the Biblical command as well as illustrating the privilege and reward­ ing responsibility whjch belongs to every believer involved in suen a program. TH E KING'S BUSINESS BOOK ENDS______ (A Review of Current Publications)


Acts— An Inductive Study by Irving L. Jensen

No Christian’s spiritual growth can possibly be complete without a practical and comprehensive study of the book of Acts. The author, who is a member of the faculty of Trinity College in Illinois, has produced a practical Bible study which has depth, meaning, and challenging warmth. The inductive method of study is used as a means of encouraging the individual to delve more fully into the practical analysis of the book. The volume would make an excellent text for adult Bible studies as well as for individual use of one who desires to know more of the teaching of God’s Word. — 253 pages; cloth; Moody Press, Chicago, 111.; $4.95. The Bible Speaks To Our Times by Alan Redpath The human cry today by theolo­ gians as well as laymen is for rele­ vancy. Does the Bible meet specific needs? The author, former pastor of the Moody Memorial Church and now on the staff of the Torchbearers’ Mis­ sionary Fellowship in England, shows the way in which Scripture functions in the daily victorious Christian life, the harmonious home, and God’s pro­ gram for world conquest. The latter subject deals with the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. — 124 pages; cloth; Fleming H. Revell Co., West- wood, N.J.; $3.50. A Literary History of the Bible This is a lucid and well-illustrated survey of some biblical interpreta­ tion during the Middle Ages and the various translations of the Bible into the English language up to the New English Bible. The author, distin­ guished professor of philosophy at USC, has intended the work for the general reader and not the profes­ sional scholar. However, the com­ plexity of details appears to make it the type of presentation that only a very intelligent and serious reader would pursue. It is a helpful work along with better earlier books like by Geddes MacGregor Abingdon Press, $7.95


An enriching experience is in store for you as you share with the author the works of grace, the providential leading, and the joyous fruition of her dreams as this modern-day Ruth is led out of darkness, finds her "Boaz," embraces the Jewish people as her own, and is called to make them the object of her labors for Him.


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