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Sunday school is still 90% teacher. The following suggestions will help you as teacher in holding new mem­ bers as well as reaching and bring­ ing back the absentee. 1. Show personal interest in each new class member and visitor. 2. Help each newcomer to get ac­ quainted. It will help him to feel a part of the class and school. 3. Involve other class or depart­ mental members in making the new­ comer welcome. 4. Make the class time so worth­ while that all students will want to return. In other words, if they do not come each Sunday, they will miss something real and worth-while. 5. Get the newcomer involved in other church activities. 6. Get acquainted with other fam­ ily members of the newcomer and seek to involve them as well. 7. PRAY — PRAY — PRAY. These suggestions will not only help the newcomer, but also will help all class members to work for bet­ ter class attendance. Q. So many of our Sunday school teachers come late each Sunday. What can be done to improve the condition? A. Someone has said: “ The most important minutes of the week for a Sunday school teacher are the 10 minutes before it begins each Sun­ day.” The importance of these min­ utes are listed as follows: 1. Most of the fruitful contacts and insights into a student’s background come from the casual — off-guard moments before Sunday school be­ gins. 2. Teachers need at least 10 min­ utes for necessary poise and class­ room preparation. 3. Being 10 minutes early is a habit that can be cultivated as sure­ ly as being late. It will have its effect upon the entire class. 4. Being early is one of the best testimonies you can give as to your personal scale of priority. If God’s Word and work are important, they should be treated that way. 5. Punctual teachers have always been known to be the best-prepared teachers. 6. Being early will always enable you to greet visitors and newcomers. The extra minutes will amplify your teaching, help you in answering questions, and provide an atmosphere of confidence without which real Christian teaching is impossible. 7. Ten minutes early will give every teacher opportunities that can never be found anywhere else. Don’t miss these opportunities in your teaching.

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Q. Sunday school is today being questioned by many. In the light of present comments and criticisms, what do you consider to be the pur­ pose of the Sunday school today? A . Apart from the Word of God, there is no basis of purpose for the Sunday school as we know it today. The purpose of the Sunday school is to fulfill the will of God. This is expressed so well in the words of Christ as found in Luke 19:10: “ The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost.” The pur­ pose of the Sunday school is to lead people to Jesus Christ as they per­ sonally study God’s Word on their age level. The objective of the Sunday school is expressed in II Timothy 3:17 . . . “ That the man of God may be per­ fect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” The purpose of the Sunday school, therefore, is to seek and to save the lost, and the objective to "perfect” in Christ, all those who are won to Christ. Q. We find it very difficult to hold “NEWCOMERS” in ou r Sunday school. Can you give us any practical suggestions ? A. In the current issue of “ Teaching Tips,” seven good suggestions are given on holding newcomers. The KEY to newcomers in Sunday school is the teacher; for, after all,

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