King's Business - 1968-10

ing them “ faithless” o r “ o f little faith.” May it be that always, as God’s children, we will remember this very important ingredient in being His children and in being His servants. I am afraid the pressures o f modern-day society have caused even God’s people to walk more by sight than by faith. When we moved to the first land that God led us to buy,- it was strictly by faith. With no money to make this purchase, God laid it upon the hearts o f the few peo­ ple to give by faith. Other funds came in the source o f which we knew nothing, all by faith. Then another thing: the church was built five miles from town. We, o f c o u r s e , h u m a n ly s p e a k in g , thought this was too fa r out, but God knew better. He was aware that a freeway would soon be go­ ing right near the church; that the residential area soon would be moving out that way. Our fo re ­ sight was bad, but God knew what He was doing. Then in the process o f this initial year o f construction, God also gave us eighty acres o f land on which to construct what is now called the Vision Valley Youth Camp, where we can ac­ commodate a maximum o f three hundred campers. What a marvel-

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S ix years ago , July first, God led me, Royal Blue, together with a group o f real prayer war­ riors in Redding, California, to take a step fo r Him, in establish­ ing the N o r th Valley Baptist Church. The group then consisted o f eight men and fifteen women, plus some children, totaling in all about thirty people. These folks were men and women o f prayer, determined by faith to do God’s will. As we came together, pastor and people, we trusted the Lord to lead us forward by faith. I be­ lieve this is what is necessary to­ day in all o f our churches across the land : to practice this thing o f faith. Now are known as a church o f active faith, fo r we try not only to tell others about the faith we can have and utilize to the glory o f God, but we endeavor to practice it.

God’s Word declares in Ephe­ sians 2 :8 “ For by grace are ye saved through fa ith ; and that not o f yourselves: it is the g ift o f God.” Therefore we realize that our Christian life starts by faith. But not only are we saved by faith, but also we read in God’s Word that we are to walk by faith and to stand by faith. Then i f we are to please God, we must show real active faith, fo r in He­ brews 1 1 :6 it is stated that with­ out faith it is impossible to please Him. Again in God’s Word, it is revealed that not only are we to be saved by faith, to walk by faith, to stand by faith, to live by faith, to please Him by faith, but also that anything that is not o f faith is sin. Yes,, this is why we must show a sense o f active faith. Time and time again the Lord re­ buked His own followers by call­

The front parking lot after one of the morning services.



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