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the effect o f Sunday school train­ ing on the outcome o f the test. This was possible since some stu­ dents who participated had been involved in Sunday school and church and others had not. There was no difference in the scores o f the two groups . This test has since been u sed with Sunday school teachers in many churches. Even with this select group, the results have been fa r from ac­ ceptable. This test served the purpose o f giving us a measure o f attain­ ment in th e a r e a o f Biblical knowledge. But testing would be o f more value i f it were used sys­ tematically as an integral part o f the total church Christian Edu­ cation program. The advent o f testing into the Sunday school or other church program has been very slow fo r various reasons. Many teachers feel inadequate both in terms o f their teaching and their ability to construct and evaluate tests. Oth­ ers are fearfu l lest a test infringe upon their class time which al­ ready is very meager. Churches and teachers have expressed con­ cern that students would refuse to take tests and even stop attend­ ing. Another reason fo r the lack o f testing can be traced to curri­ culum publishers as they would be the logical resource fo r tests. So few have supplied tests along with the materials that many teachers must develop their own. With proper planning and fore­ thought, the reasons fo r not using tests can be overcome. Tests en­ able us to measure knowledge, at­ titudes, the effectiveness o f our teaching. They also enable stu­ dents to measure their progress. It is an excellent review and learning device. Testing conveys the attitude that the material be­ ing studied is worthy o f being learned and applied. Progress is evident in many churches. Sunday schools, teach­ ers and even entire congregations have taken tests periodically to measure their le v e l o f B ib le knowledge. Many who participat-

IN N O V A T IO N I n L e a r n i n g

A Neglected



by NORMAN WRIGHT T he article began “ Are we liv­ ing in an atmosphere o f testo- mania? A re we living in an age o f testocracy?” The Professor o f Education who several years ago wrote this fascinating piece point­ ed out a controversy that period­ ically bursts to the forefron t in public education discussions. This controversy fails to touch Christian Education simply be­ cause we have been slow to in­ corporate the usage o f this valu­ able tool within our church edu­ cational programs. Occasionally one might hear some one express concern that “ testing will creep into our Sunday school o r Chris­ tian Education program.” This concern is misdirected and should be reversed. The question to be considered is why have churches failed to utilize this valuable tech­ nique o f teaching and motivation! Referring to testing in this manner may sound foreign to some and yet any educational pro­ gram without a means o f evalua­ tion fails to rise to the stature o f true educational standards. Testing is not an end in itself

but merely one area o f academic exploration which a teacher uses in his or her continual evaluation o f teaching and the pupils’ level o f learning. For the purpose o f this discus­ sion we are concerned with the measurement o f Bible knowledge. In the midst o f our changing so­ ciety and culture, there is grow­ ing concern and alarm over the Biblical illiteracy that is preva­ lent even among some o f our conservative “ B ib l e - t e a c h in g ” churches. In fa ct the mediocrity o f individual Bible comprehension is a glaring blemish that many wish to eradicate. To illustrate this, we can turn to a Bible knowl­ edge t e s t administered a few years ago to thousands o f college students in church-related col­ leges o f a specific denomination. The constructed test was very simple, having just 25 objective general Bible questions. When the results were compiled, the find­ ings were startling and even de­ pressing. The average test score o f 25 items was nine correct. The researchers then conducted fu r­ ther investigation to determine



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