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ed literally were shocked to real­ ize how little they actually knew ! People are much more eager to participate in an extensive Bible study program when they are con­ vinced o f the need to study. Sun­ day schools have reported positive results when tests have been in­ stituted as a regular feature o f the class. The amount o f material learned and the retention rate have increased significantly. The manner in which you pre­ sent the use o f tests in your church and how you use them are extremely important. A positive, enthusiastic attitude and a well- planned educational program on the value o f testing are the first step. Second, use the principles o f immediate feedback. By this we mean that when you administer a test, let the students know the re­ sults as soon as possible. Third, use the completed test as a dis­ cussion tool. Fourth, after you have scored a test, let the students correct their errors and discover the correct response. They may put forth more searching and study in the correction process then they did in preparation fo r the test itself! A few standardized tests are available fo r church use at the present time. Peter’s Bible knowl­ edge test may be obtained from the Bureau o f Educational Meas­ urements, Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas. The test o f Bible knowledge o f senior high students may be obtained from South Western College, 2625 East Cactus Road, Phoenix, A ri­ zona. For the 25-question test mentioned in the artice, send a letter to K ing’s Business with the wording “ Bible Testing,” and en­ close a self-addressed, stamped envelope. This exam will be sent to you. (N e x t month the principles o f individual test construction and use will be considered.) M r. W righ t is Associate P ro­ fessor o f Religious Education at Talbot Seminary and Christian Education Consultant fo r Gospel Light Publications.

"I'LL STAY WHERE YOU PUT ME” I’ll stay where you’ve put me; I will, dear Lord, Though I wanted so badly to go; I was eager to march with the rank and the file, Yes, I wanted to lead them, you know, I planned to keep in step with the music loud. To cheer when the banner unfurled, To stand in the midst of the fight, straight and proud, But I’ll stay where you’ve put me. I’ll stay where you’ve put me; I’ll work, dear Lord, Though the field be narrow and small, And the ground be fallow, and the stones lie thick, And there seems to be no life at all. The field is thine own, only give me the seed. I’ll sow it with never a fear; I’ll till the dry soil while I wait for the rain, And rejoice when the green blades appear; I’ll work where you’ve put me. I’ll stay where you’ve put me; I will, dear Lord; I’ll bear the days’ burdens and heat, Always trusting thee fully; when even’ has come. I’ll lay heavy sheaves at thy feet. Then, when my earth's work is ended and done, In the light of eternity’s glow, Life's record all closed, I surely shall find It was better to stay than to go; I’ll stay where you’ve put me. EDITORIAL Cont. from Page 5 the judges of the Supreme Court “must be totally free, so far as mor­ tal man can be, to reach their deci­ sions without fear of being called to account in any other place for their vote or their opinions.” It chills the blood of those of us who believe in the American form of government to hear such claims of absolute power, and to learn that no longer are there requirements of blameless character for justices of the highest court in the land. We have a chance to do something about this entire situation in the forthcoming election. Surely the paramount need of the hour is to elect a President and a Congress, regard­ less of party affiliation, who will up­ hold the laws of this land in the his- Cont. on Next Page 2nd Column TH E KING'S BUSINESS

on Saturday night Living in Both Worlds by Eileen Guder

It’s easy to be a Chris­ tian on Sunday. But | what about the rest of the week when “legal” — but not necessarily moral — pressures o f the secular w orld con­ front us? This is the situation exp lored by Eileen Guder in her newest book — Living in Both Worlds. The Christian solutions she

suggests are p ra ctica l, workable, and thoroughly grounded in the Scripture. You can’t afford to miss it. Cloth, $3.95 “Eileen Guder has herself known the crea­ tive tension between home and world, family and career, faith and action.” Dr. Raymond I. Lindquist, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. Sold through your bookseller Z O N D B R V A N PUBLISHING HOUSE • GRAND RAPIDS. MICH. 49506 BRAZIL GOSPEL MISSION A fundamental faith mission dedicated to soul-winning in the area of Sao Paulo, one of Brazil's largest cities. • Establishing Churches • Bible Institute • 40 Acre Bible Camp • Jewish Evangelism P.O. Box 816 Tempe, Arizona 85281 AUTHORS WANTED BY NEW YORK PUBLISHER Leading book publisher seeks manuscripts of all types: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scholarly and religious works, etc. New authors welcomed. For complete information, send for booklet KB. It's free. Vantage Press, 120 W . 31st St., New York, N.Y.

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• Does Usual Tasks Bettei SELL SUNFLOWER DISH­ CLOTHS to Build Clubs, Churches, Help Needy, etc. Write SANGAMON MILLS, Inc. COHOES, NEW YORK 12047

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