King's Business - 1968-10

S H A M E BY DR. SAMUEL H. SUTHERLAND / PRESIDENT, BIOLA SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES, INC. It is the opinion o f this editor, shared by many American pa­ triots, that the "Warren Court” — the period in which the Su­ preme Court was under the jurisdiction o f Chief Justice Earl i Warren — will go down in history as the one which shamefully sold out the real liberties o f American citizens while perferential treatment was given to these irresponsible groups who have con­ tributed nothing o f value to the country. On the contrary, they have betrayed the laws o f the land, taking outrageous advantage o f the courts, propounding their anti-American, treasonous views with impunity. This has been a dark and evil era in our history, and incredible as it seems, in large part the guilt must be laid at the door o f the Supreme Court, that once revered body which served as a model o f justice and righteousness and the upholder o f the rights o f all the people. According to a newspaper report, "the total size o f the se­ curity force (in Chicago, during the convention) is not known . . . it involves at least 26,000 persons and probably about 40,000.” This shocks us beyond measure; it is unthinkable! Imagine its taking 40,000 lawmen to protect 5,000 delegates to a party con­ vention! What has this to do with civil rights or civil liberties? ' Yet we go back again to the action o f our Supreme Court in opening that "Pandora’s box” by changing the laws o f the land and interpreting the constitution according to their own notions. This is what Chief Justice Earl Warren and his fellow liberals in the Court have passed on to us as the reward o f the years he - sat on that august bench and accepted a munificent salary from the Americans he betrayed. This is also what President Johnson, since the resignation o f Chief Justice Warren, is seeking to per­ petuate as his last gift to the American people, in the appoint­ ment o f Mr. Fortas as Mr. Warren’s successor. Not only is Mr. Fortas a hard-core liberal like Mr. Warren but also has committed himself to the defense o f many o f the evils corrupting our land such as pornography. Very possibly it may take a whole generation o f men serving on the Supreme Court to clean up the sordid mess into which the Warren Court has dumped us; to restore to the people the rights that are theirs under the constitution, unless indeed we have al­ ready passed the point o f no return. N o words can express our righteous wrath at such tampering with our hard earned liberties and such pampering o f the criminals. Time magazine for August 9, 1968, p. 71, included a quote from Mr. Fortas to the effect that Cont. on Page H OCTOBER, 1968

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