King's Business - 1968-10

named executive vice president of the College. Dr. Johnston, who succeeds Dr. Roy L. Aldrich, will assume the duties of his new office about September 1, 1968. Dr. Aldrich retired in June 1967; he had been president of the College since its founding in 1945. Scripture Press Publications, Wheat­ on, Illinois, has announced the ap­ pointment of E. D. Liden as Advertis­ ing and Sales Promotion Manager. Liden has held the position of Church Sales Manager for the organization since January of 1967. According to figures made avail­ able through the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports and released by Attor­ ney General Ramsay Clark, serious crime in the United States continued its sharp upward trend recording a 17 percent rise nationally for the first three months of 1968 when compared to the same period in 1967. . . FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover pointed out that each crime classification used in the national Crime Index showed substantial increases. Crimes of violence as a group recorded an 18 percent increase with murder up 16 percent, forcible rape 19 percent, aggravated assault 13 percent and robbery 24 percent. Property crimes as a group climbed 16 percent with burglary up 15 percent, auto theft 17 percent and larceny $50 and over in value 19 percent. The Institute Evangelico America Latina has acquired a new three acre camr pus in Guatemala City. Affiliated with the Christian Nationals’ Evangelism Commission, Inc. (CNEC) the school is part of the organization’s 25-year- old program of Christian Outreach in 14 nations. The Institute was found­ ed by a native Guatemalan, Rev. Virgi- lio Zapata. EVANGELIST’S LIFE THREATENED A threaten ing phone call re­ vealed a plot to take the life of Latin American evangelist Luis Palau during the United Crusade in San Cristobal, Vene­ zuela, May 26-June 2. The agi­ tation of the Gospel in the provin­ cial capital city of 120,000 caused aggressive resistance on the part of the State Church leaders, de­ spite the full endorsement of the Governor and local civic officials. Cooperation o f the local authori- TH E KING'S BUSINESS

Youth for Christ International Wheaton, Illinois 61087 YES, send me _______ copies of the com­ plete Guide to Christian Colleges. Enclosed i s _______________to cover postage costs. Single copies 5

The 13th Annual Writers' Conference at Wheaton College is scheduled for October 11 and 12. Speakers include Calvin Bulthuis, editor and vice-presi­ dent of Eerdmans Publishing Com­ pany, and Donald Holt, chief of the Mid-west Bureau of N ew sw e e k magazine. The annual lecture of the division of languages and literature held in conjunction with the confer­ ence will feature Dr. Thomas Bergin of Yale, a noted Dante scholar. The Evangelical Alliance Mission re­ ported its largest candidate class in ten years. Enrolled were 90 men and women including ten from Canada, three from South Africa, and one from Mexico. Among the 90 were ten nurses, seven pastors, 26 teachers, a pilot, five musicians, and others with varied technical and theological train­ ing. Mr. Thomas E. Steele, who joined Ra­ dio Station HCJB in late 1966 and went to Ecuador in 1967, has been appointed Broadcast Director with responsibility for the local and inter­ national radio transmissions. He served most recently as Director of Radio and Extension for B io l a Schools and Colleges in Southern California. Dr. Stanley D. Toussalnt has been ap­ pointed President of Western Bible Institute in Denver. Dr. Toussaint



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came to Western from Dallas Theo­ logical S em in a ry where he was Pro­ fessor of New Tes­ tament and Greek E x e g e s is fr om 1960 to the pres­ ent. He became the third president of Western Bible In-

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Dr. Toussaint stitute, succeeding acting president, Ronald C. Merryman, who will remain on the faculty. Dr. Wendell G. Johnston has been ap­ pointed president of Detroit Bible College. For the past four years Dr. Johnston has ben Academic Dean at Washington Bible College, Washing­ ton, D.C. Dr. William A. BeVier, who has served as interim president of DBC during the past year, has been


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