Annual Report 2018

Message From The Registrar & CEO

When I look back at 2018, I see results that build upon a proud history and set us up for future success. Self-regulation is a journey of continuous improvement, and we intend to thrive tomorrow in the same way we have in the past. Welcome to APEGA Annual Report 2018: The Path Forward . The theme resonates with me, because it relates directly to my role as Registrar & CEO. Essentially, here’s what my Executive Leadership Team and I focus on: - - aligning our work with Council’s strategic direction - - finding new opportunities to improve - - responding to new information - - measuring APEGA’s success - - adjusting our course

What does all this mean on the ground? You’ll find out in the coming pages. For example, you’ll learn all about a new assessment system we developed with the help of a grant from the Government of Alberta. We now rely upon objective, comparable competencies, when we assess the experience of applicants. This is a huge step forward in making the system more relevant for everyone and intuitive for applicants. We’re part way through our Member Experience Project, which will make our online world more user-friendly. With the support of a federal grant, we’re studying workplace barriers for women and other groups in our membership. We’ve created the Innovation in Education Award to fund selected K-12 projects in science, technology, engineering


2018 APEGA Annual Report

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