Annual Report 2018


The compliance team engages with individuals, companies, or other entities that are: -- using reserved titles—titles only engineers, geoscientists, and legally practising organizations are allowed to use—without a licence or permit -- representing themselves as entitled to practise when they aren’t -- practising engineering or geoscience in the province of Alberta without an APEGA licence or permit Why does this matter? It’s a form of consumer protection. When members of the public hire engineers, geoscientists, or the companies that employ them to practise APEGA’s

professions, they need to know they’re hiring real, self-regulated professionals. In 2018, our focus was on recruiting and training new staff and continuing to address compliance cases. A significant success was working with a major company to ensure title compliance. Often, companies unknowingly give staff who aren’t APEGA members titles that contravene the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act . We also retained an expert witness in geoscience to assist us on long-term outstanding cases that required expert opinions in the area.

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346 Cases closed

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Cases closed

Cases outstanding

341 5 Cases

Cases outstanding

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successful in the Courts

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