Annual Report 2018

You turn up the heat and grab a glass of clean tap water, before researching a project on the internet or tracking your fitness on your phone. You walk the dog past a stormwater management pond and admire the blackbirds flitting between cattails. You catch the train to the big game. Whenever you use or connect with the human-built world, you’re relying on the work of APEGA’s members. Our members are at the vanguard of the renewable energy boom. Just as important, they’re discovering and processing the traditional resources Alberta and the rest of the world continue to rely upon. They’re testing, developing, and commercializing amazing products and technologies that improve and save lives. They’re propelling the economy. They’re protecting the public. And all of this is being accomplished under a time-tested system of self-regulation that their predecessors devised. APEGA’s roots are in the early 1900s, when engineers recognized that a lack of regulation of their profession—whose ranks in those days included geoscientists—was endangering the public. Way back then, they did something impressive and innovative. Turning a crisis into an opportunity, they proposed, to the Government of Alberta, that engineers regulate themselves. Almost 100 years later, it’s the model that APEGA continues to successfully use and improve. Our members created the path that got us here. And our members are creating the path forward.

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