Annual Report 2018

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APEGA serves the public by regulating engineers, geoscientists, and the organizations they practise under. We licence them. We direct and guide them. We make sure they are competent, and that they conduct themselves professionally and ethically. When necessary, we investigate and discipline them. We also protect the public from non- members who contravene the legislation that guides us—those people and companies who illegally use our protected titles or practise when they aren’t licenced. As a self-regulator, we are funded through member dues rather than taxes, while the Government of Alberta (GOA) provides us with broad direction through the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act. Members elect fellow professionals to sit at our Council table. The public is represented during Council meetings, too, by three Councillors appointed by the GOA. APEGA will celebrate its centennial in 2020. With almost 75,000 members, we are the largest organization of self-regulated professionals in Western Canada. From academia to industry, from governments to not-for-profits, from oil and gas to solar power, from the health sciences to high tech, APEGA’s members are making ethical, skilled, forward-looking decisions that protect and serve the public.

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2018 APEGA Annual Report

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