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About Us Everything we do, we do to uplift and encourage everyone around us. To be better, stronger, healthier. We take the stress off patients, by helping them through the hardships so they can focus on recovery. While our doctors work hard to heal their body, we work hard for our Doctors so they can solely focus on their patients. We do this by creating an online directory, for locating physicians who work with liens. We get to fulfill our need to make the world a little better, by creating convenience for attorneys, doctors, and clients. Providing equal opportunity is what we do, by basing our search results on location and medical expertise, not higher membership prices. Our partnered physicians pay a flat fee, and let their work speak for itself. No exclusive contracts, just convenience, giving patients and attorneys access to thousands of physicians. Doctors For Accidents is an equal opportunity online directory for locating physicians on liens


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If you have been involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, California, then you have to see a car accident doctor immediately. There are several reasons to call one as soon as you can.The most obvious one is your health. You have suffered injuries that need to be taken care of. If you do not consider your injuries to be serious, you have to remember that you should not underestimate them. Sometimes even the most naive injuries can have far-reaching consequences. The second one is your entitlement to damages recovery for your injury-related harms and losses.If you have sustained the injuries due to someone else’s fault, then that person is obliged to compensate you. To get such compensation, you need to be examined by a doctor. Any doctor could do that, but a car accident doctor is an expert for such injuries. They will examine you thoroughly and check out even the injuries that may not be obvious at first sight.If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, then you need aCalifornia car accident doctor. But, now you may be wondering how to find the right one for your case. We know that figuring that out can be challenging and that’s why we created a database of doctors on liens in Los Angeles. You can search it thoroughly and contact one that suits you. If you still cannot decide on the best one, then you can contact us and we’ll find one for you. We are available at 883-999-9DOC-9362 Can My Primary Care Physician Examine My Injuries? Yes, your primary care physician can examine your injuries after your car wreck. It can be useful, but not as much as seeing a car accident doctor. Your family physician knows your health history and can order some X-ray, prescribe medications, request physical therapy, or request an MRI, but a car accident doctor does more than that. If you opt for an examination by a primary care physician, keep in mind to discuss the payment for their services. In many cases, they do not accept third-party billing, which means that you may have to cover your expenses yourself and then seek recovery by the responsible person. You can’t expect your insurance company to pay for that. On the other hand, a car accident doctor can accept payment from an insurance company. You can be examined by them and not think about paying. Moreover, personal injury doctors are trained to treat personal injuries. Primary care physicians understand health issues in general, but accident doctors specialize in the injuries you could get in an accident. They know what type of injuries each accident could cause. They know where to look for hidden injuries that cause consequences much later in life. Car accident doctors can help you complete the necessary documentation for building a personal injury case. And while doing all this, they won’t ask you to pay because they accept money by insurance companies.

Doctors you may need to see after a car accident Depending on your specific accident, you may need to see one or more doctors, including: Medical physician . They can prescribe medications, order X-rays, MRI or other scans, or order further examinations. As discussed above, paying them may be an issue, unless you select one from our list of doctors who work with lawyers and insurance companies. Chiropractor. Chiropractors’ job is to restore the function of the muscles affected by the accident. You are very likely to see one, no matter the accident you’ve been involved in. Physical therapist. Their job is to improve your mobility, reduce pain, and restore function. A good physical therapist will prevent any possibilities for disability caused by your injuries. Orthopedic doctor. More serious injuries will lead to the orthopedic doctor. They take care of bone fractures and perform surgeries if needed. Neurologist. Neurologists specialize in neural systems and brain-related issues. They will examine your reflexes, coordination, sensation response, and anything else that could show signs of a brain injury. Psychiatrist. Even if you have no physical injuries at all, going through a car wreck is a serious trauma that may adversely affect your day-to-day life. You are entitled to monetary compensation for pain and suffering and a check by a psychiatrist can be essential for building your personal injury case. Accident Doctor Our Website has all types of accident doctors, medical and attorney lien doctors (Doctors on liens) On the off chance that you have been injured and need to find an auto accident doctor, search our database if we don’t have one listed get in touch with us immediately and we will find you one.

Common Accident Injuries Victims of injury-causing accidents in California suffer many different types of injuries.

The most common of them include, but are not limited to:

• Brain injuries • Neck pain • Back pain • Leg pain • Dizziness • Strains • Numbness • Shoulder pain • Broken bones • Soreness

• Tension • Spasms • Headache • Muscle weakness

Our doctors on liens can help you with these as well as any other type of accident-related injury. Whatever your injury type is, do not hesitate to contact us.

Injured in an Accident? WE CAN HELP!

Doctors for Accidents will help you find a treating accident doctor after you have met with a car, truck, or bike accident. Our doctors offer the proper medical assistance and documentation you require for a personal injury case. You may not have a personal injury case without consulting a car accident doctor who treats auto accidents. An accident doctor is prepared to deal with auto crash injuries. Automobile crashes/accidents can cause a wide range of injuries. Therefore, the purpose of doctors for accidents is to help locate a physician to treat you and later will bill your accident coverage organization, a medicinal lien, or lawyer’s lien. We provide you with 24-hour urgent care and best car accident doctors in California.

Search today and find:

• Medical Doctor • Chiropractor • Physical Therapy • Pain Management physician • Neurology • Orthopedic Spine • Orthopedic Extremities

If you have been injured in an auto accident, we are prepared and ready to help you. Call Us Today: 1 (833) 999-9DOC “9362”



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1. How did you start in the Personal Injury business? My story begins in the South-Central LA neighborhood of Vermont & 49th Street (back when it was still called South Central). My parents set out to raise a family and provide a good education for my sisters and I. My father worked in construction as a general laborer andwhen I was approximately 12 years old, he suffered a major injury at work. This really took a toll on him and our entire family as he suffered a great deal with severe burn injuries and was unable to work for a very long time. However, I have always maintained that something good always comes out of a bad situation and I feel that my father’s accident was what prompted me to seriously consider becoming a lawyer. While I was an undergraduate student at UCLA, I got a job at the UCLA School of Law (Clinical Program Office) and then I worked at a local personal injury law office shortly after that. This principle of something good resulting froma bad situation is what Pl attorneys likemyself strive to do every day for our clients. I always tell my clients that I can’t take back their accident but I can guide them It’s very important for people to take the proper steps after a car accident. One of the things that I am heavily recommending to all of my current and former clients is to get a dash cam on their vehicles. Many cases are lost due to lack of evidence. Particularly where we have a liability dispute involving red lights, the passing of stop signs and lane change/merging situations where a dash camwould be vital in proving what happened in the accident. However, most people don’t have dash cams in their vehicles so we have to rely on good old-fashioned gathering of evidence at the scene after a collision. Obtaining an independent witness is very helpful. Also, with almost every driver having cell phones nowadays, I always advise that people take pictures of the scene, the damages to all vehicles involved and towards getting their lives and health back in order. 2. What are the steps to take after a car accident?

photos of any other property that may have been damaged after an accident (ie/ city light poles, private fences, etc.). 3. Why is it critical to see a physician right away after an accident? Some people are lucky enoughnot to suffer any injuries after an accident. However, for the rest of the folks who do suffer an injury after a collision, their health must come first. Prolonging or delaying medical attention could make their injuries worse. I often ask potential clients why they waited days or weeks after an accident to see a doctor and I always get the same answers: 1. I thought the pain would go away on its own. 2. I did not think this was a serious enough injury to go to a hospital/ doctor. 3. I don’t have any health insurance. All of these are valid reasons, however, the insurance companies take advantage of these delays in obtaining medical care by denying or devaluating their injury claims due to these “delays” in obtaining medical care. This is where personal injury attorneys like myself can offer assistance to these individuals. Working with companies like Doctors for Accidents makes it easy for attorneys to find convenient locations for any client throughout the state. 4. What is it like to open your own law office? As an attorney, you either go work for a law firmor you go into business for yourself as a sole practitioner. It is very difficult for any attorney fresh out of law school to open their own law office and expect a ton of business to walk thru the door. In my case, when I opened my own law office in 2011, I started with a home office and just one legal secretary. However, this allowed me to keep my overhead low and allowed me to focus on each individual client and build a relationship with them that has lasted for almost ten years now. Since then, my office has grown steadily over the years and we have been able to serve thousands of clients. My beliefs have always been to put my clients’ needs before my own; never do things just for the money and I’ve also learned that each Client and their respective needs are unique. I’ve never lost sight of these thingsT and this has made for a good recipe in terms of recruiting new business for my practice andmaintainingmy clients happy so that they keep coming back or referring their loved ones to my office.

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5. How do you get the settlement that you deserve? Almost every client will inevitably want to know how much their case is worth. As lawyers, we sometimes have the difficult task of tapering their expectations since the true value of their case is always dependent on their injury. The more injured a person is, in theory, the larger the settlement. However, sometimes proving those injuries is the hardest part. My office handles all types of cases, ranging fromminor impacts to fatalities. The smaller injury cases are the hardest cases to prove their value since insurance companies by nature do not believe that a mechanism for injuries exists when the damages to a car are minor. The best advice that I can give to a client is to be open and honest with their treating doctors and to treat consistently pursuant to their doctors’ recommendations. Some clients feel that hiding a prior accident or preexisting condition will increase their chances of obtaining a better settlement in their current case. However, I always encouragemy clients to be honest and disclose any prior injuries or pre-existing conditions as these things could explain why they were injured in a subsequent “minor’’ accident. It also helps us in proving that a client might bemore susceptible to injury when they suffer from a pre-existing condition. Nothing will destroy a case faster than a client who has large gaps in their care or someone who waits too long to see a doctor. The credibility of a client is always our best weapon against the insurance companies. 6. What is it like to work with Doctors for Accidents? I have been working with Doctors for Accidents for a while now and I could not be happier with their services. What sets them apart is the constant communication that exists between our offices. Theymake the scheduling process very easy and the quality of their medical providers is top notch. They offer everything from chiropractors to all types of specialists for the more complex cases. My staff in particular also enjoys working with themas Doctors for Accidents are very good about emailing us with status of patient care and doctor recommendations. Forme personally, I pridemyself on providing good customer service to my clients and I like to work with companies like Doctors for Accidents that take customer service very seriously as well.

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Dr. Bal S. Grewal

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