D4A Magazine - Issue 2 PTSD After a Car Accident

5. How do you get the settlement that you deserve? Almost every client will inevitably want to know how much their case is worth. As lawyers, we sometimes have the difficult task of tapering their expectations since the true value of their case is always dependent on their injury. The more injured a person is, in theory, the larger the settlement. However, sometimes proving those injuries is the hardest part. My office handles all types of cases, ranging fromminor impacts to fatalities. The smaller injury cases are the hardest cases to prove their value since insurance companies by nature do not believe that a mechanism for injuries exists when the damages to a car are minor. The best advice that I can give to a client is to be open and honest with their treating doctors and to treat consistently pursuant to their doctors’ recommendations. Some clients feel that hiding a prior accident or preexisting condition will increase their chances of obtaining a better settlement in their current case. However, I always encouragemy clients to be honest and disclose any prior injuries or pre-existing conditions as these things could explain why they were injured in a subsequent “minor’’ accident. It also helps us in proving that a client might bemore susceptible to injury when they suffer from a pre-existing condition. Nothing will destroy a case faster than a client who has large gaps in their care or someone who waits too long to see a doctor. The credibility of a client is always our best weapon against the insurance companies. 6. What is it like to work with Doctors for Accidents? I have been working with Doctors for Accidents for a while now and I could not be happier with their services. What sets them apart is the constant communication that exists between our offices. Theymake the scheduling process very easy and the quality of their medical providers is top notch. They offer everything from chiropractors to all types of specialists for the more complex cases. My staff in particular also enjoys working with themas Doctors for Accidents are very good about emailing us with status of patient care and doctor recommendations. Forme personally, I pridemyself on providing good customer service to my clients and I like to work with companies like Doctors for Accidents that take customer service very seriously as well.

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