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Traffic Planning & Design Route 581 Bridge of 10th St. Cumberland County, PA

Advantage Engineers Bellmawr Waterfront Redev. Bellmawr, NJ

M&E Engineers Somerset County Court House Somerville, NJ Size: 135,000 s/f


M&E Engineers per- formed an energy audit on the Somerset County Court House. The pri- mary driver of the project was to replace the two existing 180 Ton Water- Cooled Trane Chillers. In addition, there were operational problems, comfort complaints, and aging equipment which required investigation to determine the problems and determine remedies.


Size: 40 Acres Advantage Engineers provided a thorough geotech- nical investigation and laboratory testing services of a portion of a 300-acre former municipal waste landfill in southern New Jersey for a proposed commercial re- tail development. Advantage completed a total of 40 test borings to define the varying depths of the munici- pal waste that was below the “clean” soil cap. Advan- tage installed extensometers (spider magnets) in the deep borings to measure which layers of the landfill were undergoing the largest amount of settlement. Ad- vantage oversaw the installation of settlement plates and surcharge piles on sections of the proposed build- ing pads and monitored the settlement to accurately determine if settlement of the site has concluded. This project represents a unique beneficial reuse sce- nario for a municipal waste landfill but it is fraught with significant challenges. It requires a creative ap- proach to ensure technically sound and economically viable building support solutions.

Size: 121-foot, 3-Span Accelerated Superstruc- ture Replacement Route 581 is a heavily-traveled state route that fil- ters motorists into and out of Harrisburg, carrying ap- proximately 86,000 vehicles per day. Due to its high importance, TPD’s team needed to come up with a so- lution that would replace this deficient superstructure, while minimizing impacts to the surrounding areas and continuing to allow traffic to pass to and from the State’s capitol. An accelerated design-build replace- ment was the best solution to fit the bill. The project was completed safely and successfully, with unre- stricted traffic on Route 581 being restored on Sunday afternoon for each of the 4 weekend closures, well in advance of the deadline.

Furthermore, this was an opportunity to reduce the building energy use by making the systems more ef- ficient and thereby reduce the annual operating ex- penses. Somerset County ultimately decided to move forward with the replacement of the chillers, cooling towers, and HVAC controls. During the energy audit it was determined that this building had an Energy Star score of 28 (certification requires a 75). Through implementation of all the ener- gy conservation measures that were identified, the es- timated annual energy cost savings would be $99,000. This means that there are plenty of more opportunities for this building to be more energy efficient.

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