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M ultifamily | W alter R. C ohn , E sq . EXPO 2016 Ten logo-branded trailers enhance image and service Crystal Windows speeds deliveries with dedicated trailer fleet


LUSHING, NY — Crys- tal Window & Door Systems , through Cobra

Logistics of New Jersey, now has 10 of the carrier’s trailers dedi- cated to ship- ping Crystal windows and doors to deal- ers, distribu-

Steve Chen

tors, job sites and between Crystal production facilities. As it rapidly expanded into new national markets and sales volumes grew, Crystal started looking into expanded

shipping services. “Crystal just celebrated its 25th Anniversary year in 2015, and we now have such large volumes outside the New York area that we needed greater logistical support to provide the service our customers have come to expect from us,” said Steve Chen . “Adding to the challenge, Crystal and its af- filiates now have five major production facilities across the nation that require the ex- change of materials and prod- ucts between them. Of course, these are all good problems to have, and we worked with our carrier to come up with a ter- rific solution.” The advantages for Crystal having a dedicated trailer fleet are many. The trailers as well as the tractor trucks are not owned by Crystal but by the carrier. The trucks are operated by professional drivers that are employees of the carrier, which handles all regulatory and ad- ministrative requirements. The new dedicated trailers also provide a great new mar- keting platform for Crystal. Us- ing a local professional graphics firm, all 10 of the trailers have been wrapped as 53-ft. “rolling billboards” with a sleek eye- catching contemporary design. “Our trucks travel thousands of miles on the highways and our new trailer wraps with the Crystal name and Made in America logos really at- tract attention to our qual- ity products,” said Steven Yu, Marketing Manager for the company. “It’s a great feeling when our customers see one of our wrapped trailers pull up at the job site. It says a lot about the level of importance that Crystal places on cus- tomer service, and it really is building our brand across the country.” n

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