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Working with a group of professionals that care and strive to do their best at their craft, while rec- ognizing that is takes a team to succeed. The most im- portant reason I feel our company is the best is know- ing that the attorneys actually care and take a personal interest in all of their client’s matters. BENEFITS: Generous healthcare plans, 401K with profit sharing and vacation time. Great holiday parties and in-house events. 3 BENEFITS: Retirement plan, health insurance, perfrmance based review on a regular basis, employ- ee training, maternity leave, tuition reimbersement. 5 NAI Summit’s atmosphere, incentives, and val- ues make it one of the Best places to work in 2015.



TPD’s most valuable asset is our staff. We strive to cultivate our staff by attracting, training, and retaining a highly competent group of pro- fessionals through investing in an attractive workplace, encouraging aggressive professional development, and promoting a flexible corporate culture. Our success in meeting these goals is dependent upon the active en- gagement of each member of the organization. TPD’s culture emphasizes our commitment to providing an outstanding work environment for our staff, as well as our focusing on top-notch performance. TPD’s unique culture is highly valued by staff as evi- denced by the facts: 74% of staff who came to work for TPD as their first job are still here today and 8% of our current staff explored other options by working for other firms only to return to TPD. One reason for this strong commitment is that TPD has no set work hours. We provide an unmatched flex-time policy where all staff from the president to co-ops/interns are able to set their own work hours and work when they want to. This allows for extreme flexibility for a parent to visit a child at school during the day, for coworkers to catch a Phillies game during the day or for someone to run an errand. We don’t ask the reason, all we care about is the work being completed. BENEFITS: TPD pays attention to the “little things” that make a workplace an enjoyable place to be. We host quarterly potluck events, happy hours, and team building events… some of our offices even have pop- corn machines! We also created custom congratulatory cards for new parents, new homeowners and newly married employees, given to staff along with a gift card. TPD also provides Paid Time Off in one bank (for vaca- tion, personal, holiday and sick leave) to be used when the employee sees fit vs. defining mandatory holidays. All hours are provided at the beginning of the year and time can be used in 15 minute intervals. Other benefits include: 401k match, tuition assistance for full time em- ployees, Comp Time for salaried employees, an award winning professional development program, and an- nual “Quality of Life” staff trips (i.e. ski trips, baseball games, amusement parks, couples dinner, etc.). tions have become the norm as well as a catalyst for per- sonnel turnover. Over 50% of the company’s employees have been with Gebroe-Hammer 18 years or longer, with a good percentage recording 25 to 40 years of ser- vice. The principles and tenets established by its late founders at the firm’s inception are the foundation for its success. Gebroe-Hammer’s people, whose personal and professional achievements are directly linked to strong internal teamwork and a vast network of external rela- tionships, are driven to help one another be successful. BENEFITS: Performance-based reviews on a regular basis; industry-unique employee training/mentoring/ coaching provided by a member of the senior manage- ment team; exceptional opportunities for career growth within the company; peer-selected and performance- based employee recognition program; opportunities to participate and be active in industry-based associations. 9 Gebroe-Hammer’s 40-year reputation for superior broker training and overall employee retention is exceptional in an industry where mergers/acquisi-

ENR MidAtlantic recently named Skanska USA its Contractor of the Year in the region, which covers Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. Skanska USA’s Mid-Atlantic offices, including Blue Bell, PAand Rockville, MD, are committed to a healthy work environment for our employees. Our purpose is to build for a better society. Through our great variety of projects with innovative and sustainable solutions, we build for a better society. What we do and how we do it contributes to a sustainable future for our people, customers and communities. Our values are: Care for Life and Safety; Act Ethically and Transparently; Be Better – Together; Commit to Customers. We always strive to be better in all we do. We are a learning organization and generously share our ex- pertise. We take pride in qual¬ity and innovation. We build One Skanska teams together with customers, partners and communities. We leverage diversity to deliv¬er the best solutions. We foster an inclusive culture where we are open and fair, showing trust and respect for each other. BENEFITS: Retirement plan (401k), Medical/ Dental/Vision Health insurance, profit sharing, stock options, performance-based reviews (twice annually), employee training, maternity leave, paternity leave, tuition reimbursement (4k annually), Free parking, subsidized transportation. tions, but also on its employee retention. Family always comes first, as shown by M&E Engineers’ flex time, telecommuting, and paid leave policies. Employees work hard and play, and enjoy several company outings throughout the year. M&E Engineers is also concerned about its employeess’ health, providing health insur- ance, daily fresh fruit, and even new ergonomic desk chairs. There is also a culture of energy efficiency and sustainability that ultimately reduces our impact on the environment. BENEFITS: Retirement plan, medical insurance, paid leave, continuing education (i.e. tuition reimbursement, lunch & learns, webinars, conferences), flex time, telecommuting, daily fresh fruit, breakfast on Fridays, desert on birthdays. 4 mentorship. We inspire our employees by creating a culture of transparency. We have an “open door poli- cy”, which builds trust. We value every employee and our culture is one of family values. BENEFITS: Most attractive benefits are our employee training programs through Colliers University, one-on-one mentorship, performance review merits, and special perks, such as special summer hours, generous days off, paid time off for charity, birthday celebrations and birthday gift cards to our employees, happy hour celebrations, and many special discounted perks with vendors. 8 M&E Engineers not only prides itself on pro- viding quality engineering and unbiased solu- Our company is the best place to work because we help our employees accelerate their success by providing monthly free training and internal

Premier Compaction Systems is a friendly, fam- ily-owned company focused on customers and sustainability. BENEFITS: Retirement plan, health insurance, employee training, maternity leave, among others. 6


Our unwavering values are integral to our mis- sion and the success of our company since 1919. They are the driving force behind every project and client relationship and the main force behind our employee retention – We are truly a family. We build lasting relationships, maintain respect, honesty & in- tegrity, create jobsite harmony & efficiency, seek to be better, and empower each other. BENEFITS: Retirement plan, health insurance, performance based reviews, employee training, ma- ternity leave, tuition reimbursement, and free parking. We spend an incredible amount of time sup- porting our collaborative team culture. The culture in our office is everything to us. We always have a company outing on the calendar and often eat lunch together on Fridays. We run a flat or- ganization structure without the layers of corporate nonsense. We truly care about each and every one un- der our roof as if they were family. We have the free lunches and cool company out- ings; however, the people are most attracted to the support we provide. We exhaust ourselves for our people. The folks in our firm mean everything to us. Plus we have a triathlon team! BENEFITS: Retirement plan, profit sharing, per- formance based reviews on a regular basis, employ- ee training, maternity leave, paternity leave, tuition reimbursement. Special perks such as, free parking, subsidized transportation. 10

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