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bed, walking, eating, taking medications, etc. In a recent visit with Justin, now 37 years old, I was amazed by his inner strength, sense of hopefulness and the fact that he has somehow retained his engaging sense of humor. While it continues to be an agonizing struggle for him, Justin and his entire family are truly inspiring in their quest to help him win his life back. Unfortunately, his parents Rick and Joan are the ones who provide the nearly around-the-clock care that Justin needs, and quite frankly they, too, are becoming exhausted by the nearly 15-year battle. So here is the bottom line: The family is looking for regular paid and/or volunteer help to provide respite care for Justin while they attend to their own physical and emotional needs. Overnight hours would be their primary need, though day-time hours would be very helpful as well. The Brown family would provide training for the specifics of Justin’s care, which is relatively straight forward and does not require one to have a medical background. Are you looking to make a difference in someone’s life? If you or someone you know might be interested in helping Justin and his family on an ongoing basis, either as a paid or volunteer position, please reach out to Joan at sumerfun74@gmail.com Thank you, Matt Seabrook, PT, MS Director & Owner, Dresher Physical Therapy

As many of you may remember from our past newsletters, Justin Brown is a local Upper Dublin and Penn State graduate who is suffering from an extremely severe case of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Friends, family, Dresher PT, and the surrounding community rallied around Justin back in 2014 to raise substantial funds which allowed the Brown family to install a heated therapeutic

indoor pool for Justin. With assistance from his family and an Aquatic Physical Therapist, Justin is able to improve his pain and mobility by

performing an exercise routine in his therapeutic pool. It has been a God-send for him and helps with his immense pain and mobility limitations. Justin continues his never-ending struggle to regain a normal life. He has constant pain, and needs assistance for bathing, dressing, getting out of INSIDE : • Treating Your Arthritis Pain

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