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SEPT 2018

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Before Back-to-School Begins

I can’t believe how quickly this summer flew by. The beginning of the season was all about moving into our new home and getting everything in order. As soon as that was finished, we started revamping the office, redoing the floors and paint and adding new equipment and decor. Both projects took a little longer (well, maybe a lot longer) than I had hoped, but that seems like it’s just the nature of construction projects. Regardless of the timelines, I’m very satisfied with how everything has gone. In between all of that, I’ve been finding every excuse I can to take my new pop-up camper out for a spin. Before the summer ends, I’ll be making two more trips in it. One is a trip to Leadore and the Continental Divide Trail to go bow hunting with my brother. We’ll be heading off in September with hopes to bring back an elk or two. It’s also special to spend time with my brother, far removed from modern technology and society. It’s a chance to reconnect, mostly by shushing each other when one of us thinks he’s heard an elk. Before that, though, we’ll head out for our big family campout in Grand Jean, Idaho. It’s an annual family event, though we normally hold it closer to Stanley. The big family campout always signifies the end of summer to me. Once school starts up, everyone’s schedules get hectic in a hurry. It’s very important to all of us to spend quality time together as an extended family, and these trips provide the perfect opportunity to do that. We’re also in the process of planning a second trip to Disneyland with Meredith’s family. We had a great time last year — though I’m not sure the kids are quite old enough to get the most out of the theme park. I’m sure it will be even better this time around. Here’s hoping that we’ll be a little more prepared to handle the lines and logistics now that we won’t be park rookies. As the kids get tall enough to enjoy all the rides and appreciate what Disney has to offer, the trips will only become more fun. After all the fun and travels, the headline event of the season will be sending Avy and Jett off to their new schools in Eagle. After letting them finish up the previous school year in Meridian, Meredith is very much looking forward to a shorter commute every day. Avy will be starting first grade at Eagle Elementary, and

Jett’s off to preschool at Seven Oaks. They’re not quite old enough to dread the end of summer vacation, but those days will come soon enough. I’m very excited to see how they acclimate to their new surroundings. I hope you’ve had the chance to savor the final weeks of summer. Whether you spend those days camping, riding roller coasters, or both, I think we can all agree that this time of year is best spent cherishing the moments you have with loved ones before the back-to-school routine kicks in.

–Dr. Chris Thomason


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