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LIGHTSPEED LIFT TREADMILL The Lightspeed Lift is a Body Weight Support System developed for physical rehabilitation and athletic training. The LightSpeed Lift works with your treadmill and allows for a controlled body weight lift of up to 50 lbs. New at Eastern Shore Physical Therapy

Walking or running become easier, enjoyable and safe with the use of custom shorts or a lift-belt attachment. LightSpeed Lift reduces impact force, encourages better form and increases speed. Benefits of Lightspeed Lift • Balance & Gait assessments and training • Unweight up to 50 lbs from user • Decreases impact force • Encourage confidence with stability and control • Safe and effective for walking & running • Allows for sustained duration of activity • Pediatric to Senior patients • Cost effective • Easy to Use

Is Lightspeed Lift Treadmill best for your rehabilitation? Found out by scheduling a consultation! Call us at 410-641-2900!



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